Wednesday, 26 March, 2008

More Friends

These two little fish are called Platinum Severn They are a peaceful fish and quite timid, but thanx to the water change I did, they deceiced to come out and say "hi" of course one of the Bruisers had to be in the pic(you know they are the centre of attention.) LOL. So now I go believe that is all of my fishy friends, I just realized there is one fish friend left. When I can get a good pic I will post them.

To All Have A Good One.


100_1738, originally uploaded by lisademars29.

Paradise Underwater

It may only be a flower pot with a cut out in it but to breeding fish it happens to be a Hotel Paridadise. A very good way to reuse something rather then throwing it out.(lisa would be so proud of me for being "Green"). Hopefully this will encourage some activity in the uderwater world,hahahahaha. To have baby fishies(Fry) would be very cool.


100_1736, originally uploaded by lisademars29.


100_1735, originally uploaded by lisademars29.


100_1734, originally uploaded by lisademars29.

New Friends con't

Well I finally got a pic of the my new Puffer Friend. I did a water change and my aqutic home, and the fish seem much happier and playful, well I guess You would be happier and more playful too(all the bad stuff like poop and food debris are out of your living space. :)). So Iwas able to have a friendly visit from my new Friend and one other of my aqutic friends. The first pic the a figure 8 Puffer, the second pic is one my my Angles the lived out of 30. He was a strong one is guess.