Saturday, 20 December, 2008

Boy It's A lot Of Work!

Almost done! I did a little then go back in and rest and start over again, It will still be out there when I go back out. I have until 4pm to get it done No hurry! That's when Gs done at work!
I told him that I would have it all done for him by the time he gets home!

G's The Best He Removes The Snow Every Time We Get A Big dumping Of Snow!

Yesterday We got about 20cm or so of the beautiful white stuff ! G removed all the snow from the lane way last night and we are going to get another dumping some time before Christmas I think the weatherman was saying Sunday! Yeah!!!!!
This Morning I was laying in bed and heard the Snow Plow come by Yeah!!! now the end of the drive way is full again, Well I thought i would be nice to G to clean out the end of the lane way for him before he gets home from work! See ya later I'm going to start that for him!