Monday, 14 April, 2008

Spring Clean-Up

Today happens to be my day off. So what did I do!? Well I decided to start racking my back yard. WA-HOO what a chore when you have a dog and don't clean up after him all winter. LOL.
So I began in the back yard; it took about 2 hrs for the back yard. When that was done I then proceeded to rack the front yard. Amazing what kind of a mess other peoples dogs make. LOL.
So the front yard took about 1 hr to rake. The composter is really full. Now on top of that I also decided to move my shed and make a bit more room in my yard for any projects Lisa might have for me(like wood collection for our wood stove )or(cut the stored wood for the wood stove). Anyway the yard is cleaned up and ready for the summer and company. All we need now is some nice warm dry days to dry up the ground and the summer parties can began. YAHOO.



Well I recently had some car problems. I just found out the car I had bought last August was not very good. The people I had bought the car from told me they would look after me with any issues that I had with the car, HAAA. What a bunch of garbage. I found out that my entire back end of my car was rusted out(rotted out). Si I git the problem fixed(six weeks later) I git my car back. Better then ever looks like a new car. I went back to the people I bought the car from and explained the problem with the car and the rust; to my surprise they actually co-operated and we agreed to a settlement. Funny when you have proof and pictures what can happen in your favor.