Sunday, 29 June, 2008

Would you like to go and relax in a peacful place ? You don't even have to leave your home!

I have found a blog that I would love to share with you guys! I find it's so peaceful! I love to visit her blog every day, 1st thing in the morning well everyone is still in bed .
Her Blog is she has a lovely home on a horse farm and on her blog she always post beautiful pics of the horses, flowers, place that she visits and her cute dogs I told her a while ago that I was going to pack my bags and come for a nice relaxing visit ,have my morning tea in her old wicker set and enjoy the lovely views of her farm then go for an afternoon horse ride hehehe If I could! I would!
I just love her blog, I was a farm girl that moved to the city life! Boy that was a big change in my life !
Ones a Farm girl always a farm girl!
Hope every enjoying the weekend!