Tuesday, 22 December, 2009

My new Job

Wal-Mart Canada

Well since I have been with Wal-Mart Canada for 7 months I have gone from a Temp Reno overnights worker to, a Department Manager And the possibilities are endless for advancement with this company. I have to say I really enjoy this place, I have never worked for an employer that has such strong beliefs in there employees. They believe in three basic beliefs. Respect for the individual, respect for the customer. And Strive for excellence. with these beliefs in mind this place is a role model for all work places. IF any issues arise; never does a voice get raised. It is really nice to go to work and not get yelled at. It is also the only place I have worked at where everyone seems to enjoy there jobs and everyone gets along with everyone else. The true meaning of Teamwork really does live in this environment of employment.


Well! Its nice to see that the dog park in St. Thomas On. Canada is now open. The Boys certainly had a great time there. As you can see they are all done in after being there this afternoon. Jake who is our forever puppy is at the top of the pic, and Barney; are foster puppy is at the bottom of the pic. Barney has been with us for about 2 months, and has a forever home to go to as of Dec 24. He will be going to a very good home with two very caring people who have a family of four(4) younger children; Whom will give Barney a very good loving home; where he will no doubtedly be over loved and spoiled. He has become a dog that was unsure of what family and love was; to a very affectionate loving and grateful puppy. It really shows that if you are willing to give a little, You will receive it back ten fold. It has been a very rewarding experience that we may consider doing again.