Friday 4 April 2008

Time To Relax

well its Friday night time to relax with a hot mug of tea with my buddy Pooh Bear Glad its the weekend to relax with the girls and hubby We are making super together tonight Geralds cooking Steak on the BBQ and Im making Macaroni Salad and a Garden Salad mmmmmmm can't wait until it's done. As we are both cooking we are enjoying Satellite TV Radio 80's tunes we have music indoors & outdoors front of our home and the backyard. You got to love it its great in the summer believe me But today its a little cool & damp out the temp outside is only 5 its just a little cool for me lol but love the weather its finally changing and no snow. We are going to get nice weather this weekend Yeah !!! Hope the weather girl was not lying about the weather lol seen lots of rain
Well hope you have a safe and happy weekend!!