Wednesday, 15 December, 2010

10 days, near-record snowfall | London | News | London Free Press

10 days, near-record snowfall London News London Free Press

Snow Storm #2

Over the last 10 days we been having the yuckiest weather....Snow and more snow and lots of wind...Last week I worked 3 day and this week I have only worked 1 day so far this week. I tried to get to work on Tuesday I left my home at 1:30pm and didn't get to far just up to Hwy 52 and Highbury Ave..I couldn't see a thing it was all white with snow in the sky and blowing around on the roads I called work and told them the weather and what the roads were like...HR said the same thing here..She told me it's not good..I said I'm turning around and going home..She told me that's the best thing to do... I turned around and pulled the girls out of school early...and off to home i went and stayed home the whole night...Called Gerald and said I'm home for the night...I told him to be very careful on his way home later...This morning they cancelled the bus for school so it was a snow day for the girls...They were so happy... later in the day it was so beautiful the roads were clearing up nicely here in town then the next thing I know I get a call from work..It was the HR telling me Afternoon and the midnight shift was cancelled due to the weather...London has gotten so much snow it`s just crazy how much we been getting over the last few days....

Under this this post I will have a link from the London free Press newspaper so you can see how much snow we had in 10 days.... Please note my job is right next door to the London International air port and that is were they reported all the snow fall in the newspaper