Monday, 30 November, 2009

Megan's Grade 3 Class Has A Bake Sale

Maria is mixing the Banana's and eggs and sugar
Maria playing with the Banana (Mushing them)

Megan Mixing and Mushing at the same time

Oh well got the photo's in the wrong places this was the photo before Megan started

Megan's class is doing the Bake Sale to raise money for Christmas Care.They asked everyone to Bake something for the bake sale..We made Banana Muffins & Banana, Apple ,Oat Muffins.They also asked for them to be nut-free recipes. Well I also went a little further by sanitizing my kitchen counter to make sure it was 100% nut free. Maria even wanted to help Megan bake for the bake sale. So I tied back both the girls hair with pony tails and let the girls help with the baking. They had so much fun doing it too...