Monday, 29 June, 2009

We are all doing great...Our summer has started..a few days ago that is... I just been enjoying the beautiful weather when it's not raining...

Well Its just been G and I for a few days.. the little ladies have gone on a camping trip with out us... boy it feels funny and weird at the same time.. And poor Jake our family dog I think he's really lost with out Megan and Maria.. G and I are starting to miss them lots... too... Thursday was the last day of school for the both of them...they came home for a couple of hrs and then we said our good bye's and lots of hugs and kisses....Boy this is the longest time for all of us not to see each other....they will not be home for another few days... I hope the weather there is great for them...They are in Niagara falls Canada... It's been Beautiful here then it gets dark and stormy... we had real bad weather here a tornado has hit out side of Aylmer the same day that they left... I was driving home in that yucky weather.. from work.. high winds and lots of rain and hail too...Well on with the good news .. I'm heading to Sarina over by the Blue water Bridge to see my sweet friend Nicole on Wednesday.. Just to get out.. and relax.. I'm off of a few days.... I'm only going for a day and night then heading back here in the morning... then its just a day before the girls get back home...Boy it's really going to be a quite couple of days for G man and Jake and Marmie the old cat...Im getting really excited about seeing her.. but not to sure about the drive up there...Oh I know I will do fine.. Just take my time and I will do fine... for sure...

Well hope everyone has a great night....xoxoxxoxo

Wednesday, 24 June, 2009


Photo taken by our friend Mike Hodgson

Photo taken by my friend Paul Wayne Steward

Happy Birthday Megan, Our sweet little daughter Megan is 8 years old today
With love always
Mommy & Daddy and your sweet little sister Maria

Friday, 19 June, 2009

Beautiful weather to yucky rain for a few days.. and Now its beautiful again Yeah...

The weather is funny every where... Oh well Im just glad it stoped raining.. So we can enjoy the beautiful weather... But before I can .. I have a sink full of dishes.. Oh I hate washing dishes.. Well I should get to them.. Before I go I just want to let everyone know that I really love my new Job @ Victorian Elegance and getting lots of hrs Oh I just love the place.. Its so beautiful one day I will bring my camera with me for sure ... so all of you guys can enjoy it with me..
Hope everyone has a great weekend...
Im off to do the dishes... xoxoxoxxoxo

Wednesday, 10 June, 2009

Beautiful weather's here...Yeah

It's been really nice... and Beautiful too... hello to summer.. the rest of the week it's going to be 20-24c.. I really missed the beautiful weather I have not blogged in a bit been outside with my family enjoying it..and working in my gardens... And really enjoying my new job! I love it so much...
Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather too..
Good night everyone... xoxoxxoxoxoxo