Saturday, 19 April, 2008


wow that was fast its only been a few months thank to my sister Carol noreasonneed she told me about the cool blog world and I love it I found lots of cool friends from the States boy my favorites are going to get full of blogs that i read daily and some blogs i visit more then once a
day they are boufmom9 & milk mama they have a few post a day and love to read every one of their blog post well i should let you go my little girls are saying mommy come out Daddy started the fire well ttyl going to roast some yummy hot dogs and sticky things lol
bye for now

This Week Where Has It Gone?

Boy is it just me or what? This week went so fast for us! Where has it gone work 5 days a week come home spend time with my little family go to bed get up and wow its already the weekend ! Its almost the end of the month and where did April go? This month we have notice that its staying lighter out longer that's great but for the girl lol They say the sun is still out Its not time for bed yet! But by the time they are done their bath its starting to get dark as Im typing this its 7:30 pm and the sun is just starting to set but in the summer its dark at 9:00pm I can't wait until then Its also lighter in the morning when i go to work I leave around 6am so Im not walking in the dark Its nice but doesn't last that long wish it would but no sorry for our luck
right Well we are going to have a little campfire outside in our little fire pit and roast some hot dogs and the sticky things lol
well have a great weekend