Sunday, 7 December, 2008

Dancing to Christmas music well putting up more Decorations today!

Today was a Winter Wonderland, We got lots of snow this weekend G and our little ladies went outside to play in the snow,Well they were playing G was also shoveling the snow. I was making some tea and turned the tunes on for the girls their favorite tape Mickey and friends twelve days of Christmas. The girls love it when they are playing outside with music playing I peeked outside thu the front window. They were having a great time in the snow! It was my time to start putting up the other decorations up in the house and outside I'm still not done yet! Hehehehe can you tell I love Christmas!
I took G a mug of tea outside Man he did a great job clearing the snow out of the drive way and sidewalk
Thanks G you did a great job !
After they came in Maria helped me with a few then off she went upstairs to play in the playroom She's a great helper!