Monday, 30 November, 2009

Megan's Grade 3 Class Has A Bake Sale

Maria is mixing the Banana's and eggs and sugar
Maria playing with the Banana (Mushing them)

Megan Mixing and Mushing at the same time

Oh well got the photo's in the wrong places this was the photo before Megan started

Megan's class is doing the Bake Sale to raise money for Christmas Care.They asked everyone to Bake something for the bake sale..We made Banana Muffins & Banana, Apple ,Oat Muffins.They also asked for them to be nut-free recipes. Well I also went a little further by sanitizing my kitchen counter to make sure it was 100% nut free. Maria even wanted to help Megan bake for the bake sale. So I tied back both the girls hair with pony tails and let the girls help with the baking. They had so much fun doing it too...

Friday, 27 November, 2009

Sewing Momma

Brrrr its getting cold...So guess what I been doing the last few days.. Yep this momma has started her old sewing machine up again...I redid a hem in a suit coat...Cut and hemed 3 dress pants that I bought a few days ago for work...Im going to wear the suit coat and 1 of the dress pants for work tomorrow...They are tumbling in the dryer right now..Hear them.. lol
I will post a photo of me in the outfit..So you can see it..I just tryed it on together after supper It looks great...I love having different outfits for work...And love shopping at 2nd hand stores it's so much cheaper...And you never know what you will find.. Well you are there..
Well hope everyone has a great night...I bought a bottle of wine for tonight...Going to enjoy a glass or 2.. Hope you all have a great night...

Wednesday, 25 November, 2009

Thursday, 19 November, 2009

Barney looking so cute...

Barney doing great, He just had his visit with the vets for his booster shot 2 days ago.He's 48lbs now and looking great. That's me down on the ground next to Barney and G man standing beside him. This is the new photo from the website where Barney's on.

Well I should get going.. have to get things done around the house...

Tuesday, 17 November, 2009

Maria and Megan had a visit with Santa's Reindeer

Maria and Megan had lots of fun at Canadale Nursery... We all had a great time..the girls even did a few arts and crafts well we were there..
Hope everyone has a great night

Sunday, 15 November, 2009

My newest Christmas decoration's for my Kitchen Candle holders

This is the beautiful Decoration that I was telling you about.. That was on sale for 3.99 it was 8.99 before..It looks so beautiful..I bought 2 of them for my kitchen..When I 1st seen them at work I thought oh they would look so beautiful..But I was not going to pay 8.99 each..I knew that they were going to go down soon (For the Christmas Open house) Well they sure went down to 3.99 I was so happy...Just wamted to share with you all..Hope you have a great night ..Hugs

Wednesday, 4 November, 2009

I would love you to meet Barney..We are Fostering him...

He's the same age as Jake He's also A Basset hound + he's also part beagle What a sweet four legged friend..We brought him home into our house almost 2weeks ago..He loves to play with Jake..and love our kitty Cat Marmmie...Yes they all get along great..Megan and Maria thinks it's great having 2 dogs..Lots of love to go around..He love his Foster's home until they find him another home..Boy with 2 dogs theres lots to do..never a dull sec..In our home..We got Asked to help out with Barney and be his foster parent's..We are giving him lots of love...very spoiled just like Jake and Marmmie..I been asked when are you going to post about him..Well here ya go guys...Meet Barney hes very gentle with M&M..he even sleeps with them too...

Hope everyone has a great night..Hugs....

Been busy..working....

Been getting more hours at work..Now its getting crazy at work with our Christmas open weekend Nov 13-15 back to working Sundays too...Oh I love to decorate for christmas..She bring more things out every day..Oh I would just love it all..But you can only have so much...Bet you are wondering have I boughten any yet? Nope..Will I? I did see something I liked For 3.99 that was 8.99 a few weeks ago...Some ladies go crazy.. lol