Wednesday, 30 April, 2008

New Van

Well we finally did it we went out and purchased a new vehicle. We were starting to have to put to much into the other car. We made a decision to go and get something with a warranty, so we ended up getting a van. 2005 Freestar. Nice van; it even came with a DVD player for the kids, not something I was looking for, but what a great idea for long trips. Also no fighting amongst the kids YAHOO!. So I took a couple of pics. Also the van has a V6 engine, where as the car was a big 8 cylinder, therefore we will use less gas; nice since gas prices are going up and up and up. Also towing the trailer will be much easier, it just learning to back-up with the van instead of the car LOL. Anyway I will leave you with the pics I took.


Saturday, 26 April, 2008

My Flower Gardens

See how many pretty tulips I have but not now with 2 little girls picking them to give to
their grandmother lol I guess that's ok then I might pick the rest and bring them in to the house for us to enjoy them

well today I'm going outside to clean my gardens I think my father had this great idea to bring the country in to the city just for me I have thistle's growing in my gardens the last 2 years Ive been getting them silly things even grow in the city but keep telling my dad stop sending them to my place i will not give them a loving home any thing else maybe but not weeds lol

Well hope everyone has a beautiful Sunday enjoying the beautiful weather!

Thursday, 24 April, 2008

New Friends

My new friend . He's just so Cute.

I just bought another fish. It is a Platinum Sevurmn to be a buddy to my other Sevurmn since I lost one of the first two due to a water change. So I had to take a Pic to show him off.


Fun and Games

This is the skeet shoot section you can also see the pinball part
under the skeet panel.

Megan again
Megan and Maria

well I know its been awhile since I have posted anything. Been busy getting things cleaned up outside and getting things set for our camping trip in July. Any way thought I would let you know something we were able to get for the kids from our local recycle group. It is a 3 in 1 game system, APinball game, A Skeet Shoot game, and A Basketball game. Here are a couple of pics to give you an idea of what it really is.

Saturday, 19 April, 2008


wow that was fast its only been a few months thank to my sister Carol noreasonneed she told me about the cool blog world and I love it I found lots of cool friends from the States boy my favorites are going to get full of blogs that i read daily and some blogs i visit more then once a
day they are boufmom9 & milk mama they have a few post a day and love to read every one of their blog post well i should let you go my little girls are saying mommy come out Daddy started the fire well ttyl going to roast some yummy hot dogs and sticky things lol
bye for now

This Week Where Has It Gone?

Boy is it just me or what? This week went so fast for us! Where has it gone work 5 days a week come home spend time with my little family go to bed get up and wow its already the weekend ! Its almost the end of the month and where did April go? This month we have notice that its staying lighter out longer that's great but for the girl lol They say the sun is still out Its not time for bed yet! But by the time they are done their bath its starting to get dark as Im typing this its 7:30 pm and the sun is just starting to set but in the summer its dark at 9:00pm I can't wait until then Its also lighter in the morning when i go to work I leave around 6am so Im not walking in the dark Its nice but doesn't last that long wish it would but no sorry for our luck
right Well we are going to have a little campfire outside in our little fire pit and roast some hot dogs and the sticky things lol
well have a great weekend

Tuesday, 15 April, 2008

Better Pics

two Firemouths, a Bruiser, a Frontosa and my Sevurmn swimming
away from the other Firemouth. And another recycled flower pot.

the Bruisers, and my recycled flower pot. And one Frontosa, one Firemouth.

The Bruisers and my Frontosa's and 1 Firemouth

Since my tank is looking much cleaner I thought I would put some nicer pics on here. The driftwood looks much nicer in these pic

Monday, 14 April, 2008

Spring Clean-Up

Today happens to be my day off. So what did I do!? Well I decided to start racking my back yard. WA-HOO what a chore when you have a dog and don't clean up after him all winter. LOL.
So I began in the back yard; it took about 2 hrs for the back yard. When that was done I then proceeded to rack the front yard. Amazing what kind of a mess other peoples dogs make. LOL.
So the front yard took about 1 hr to rake. The composter is really full. Now on top of that I also decided to move my shed and make a bit more room in my yard for any projects Lisa might have for me(like wood collection for our wood stove )or(cut the stored wood for the wood stove). Anyway the yard is cleaned up and ready for the summer and company. All we need now is some nice warm dry days to dry up the ground and the summer parties can began. YAHOO.



Well I recently had some car problems. I just found out the car I had bought last August was not very good. The people I had bought the car from told me they would look after me with any issues that I had with the car, HAAA. What a bunch of garbage. I found out that my entire back end of my car was rusted out(rotted out). Si I git the problem fixed(six weeks later) I git my car back. Better then ever looks like a new car. I went back to the people I bought the car from and explained the problem with the car and the rust; to my surprise they actually co-operated and we agreed to a settlement. Funny when you have proof and pictures what can happen in your favor.


Sunday, 13 April, 2008

Had Fun All Weekend Long

Yep I sure did having fun jumping in mud puddles all weekend
the weather was not that bad but a little cool for my liking just can't wait until the nice Beach weather Im a beach bum love the summer time BBQ 's with family & friends and having lots of fires too, camping and hanging out with friends Oh and enjoying a nice bottle of wine HEHEHE Well hope everyone had a great weekend We did it went way to fast for my liking

Saturday, 12 April, 2008


HEHEHE Well he does love Hunny in his tea!

But I don't think he would love Honey for his Birthday. But why not ? lol So I was thinking and thinking. Just like my buddy Pooh Bear think think Well he love steak and shrimp! Then I though hey ya that would be a great idea! Longhorns restaurant in St Thomas! They have great food!! I told a friend of mine at work that it was G's birthday and I was thinking about taking him there well her boyfriend is chef at longhorn .

She told me some great News about the 15% discount for us. Because where we work She told me to tell them before you order your food You will get a 15% off of your bill and I said Yeah oh to myself and told her thank you very much for telling me about that great offer. So when I went to get G at work I told G we were going out for his birthday and He said where ? Just like a little kid lol I told him that it was going to be at his Favorite place! Boy was he happy! Well we went to Longhorns the food was so good G ate all his up but the girls and I couldn't eat all ours so we took it home and we are going to have it for our Lunch mmm can't wait until than just another hour lol

Well hope you guys all enjoy your weekend !

Hope the weather clears up we had a very loud thunder Storm last night and it looks awful outside So I might go out to play in the mud puddles just love doing that in my spare time Its better then cleaning the house lol

Friday, 11 April, 2008



Today he's 34 years old today! HEHEHEHE he's real old but still love him! and what a great guy he is And a great Daddy to his little ladies What should we do for his B-Day Think! Think! lol just like Pooh Bear ! Well he also has to work today and so do I lol But he only puts in time HEHEHE I better Hind now lol No he works hard at his job He's a Meat Manger and carries around big cases of meat a day and cute meat the rest of the day

Well Daddy Pappbear HAPPY BIRTHDAY


Thursday, 10 April, 2008

Kissing Test

Today Gerald and I have gotten this video from Janet though a email! She always sends us cool emails. So today I would love to share this video with you guys tonight Its really cute! I Think you will love it lol

Monday, 7 April, 2008

The Story of Stuff with Annie Leonard

why do things have to be like this I have a link for you Please check it out

Hope you care like I do and others

Lisa Demars

Megan, Jake and I

enjoying the nice weather outside well sorry that little Maria is not in the pic with us she having a little rest shes been outside all day and she was very cranky So I sent her to her room

Megan and Maria went out shopping for some new sun hats with their grandparents today I will take a pic and post them later

Sunday, 6 April, 2008

the other Flag Pole holder at the end of the trailer
just under the other bed frame.
Flag Pole holder installed on the front of the trailer just under
the bed frame.
Just to prove there are no guide lines I took a frontal pic.
LOOK MA! No guide lines!
OOppps went to far for uploading pics. Nice fish though EH?

Saturday, 5 April, 2008

Not bad for a 1968 trailer I can only hope I look this good
when I am as old as this trailer. hahahahahaha!

the trailer with a new paint job. Did it myself.
this pic has the awning with guide lines into the ground
we have now used flag pole holders to eliminate the guide lines
this way if you have a few too many wobbly pops or vino you will not
walk into or trip on the guide lines LOL. And the kids will not be
able to knock down line poles LOL.

Trailer Set Up

Since the nice weather is finally here I had the itch to get my trailer up and air out. However with the trailer sitting on the ground all winter there were divots where the trailer wheels were, so trying to move the trailer out by hand was somewhat difficult. With the help of my sister in law and her husband we were able to move it out and get it set up yaaaaa. I then proceeded to try and come up with some sort of idea to raise my canvas awning without the use of guide lines. Again with the help of by brother in law and sister in law we came up with a brilliant plan. I had already bought some flag pole holders for this plan; we were able to use the pole holders as I had hoped and can now saw the idea with a little help with someone else's brain worked. Amazing what 3-4 brains can accomplish. I am now going to leave you with a few pics of the trailer.


Walk to the park with the girls

Megan relaxing in the sun taking it easy
Maria sliding down the rolling slide
Maria walking and talking just being her cute self
sorry same pic was talking to my friend Wanda well i was uploading pics HEHEHE

Megan being cute on top of the rock
Maria & Megan together Maria telling Megan to hurry up
looks like Maria trying to kiss Megan
HEHEHEHE same pic was still talking to Wanda on pc at this time oh well Megan still a cutie pie
Maria driving a big boat and she told me Mommy Im going to hit you move out of the way


Well the weather girl was right about the weather for this weekends Its so beautiful outside the birds are singing away. Im going to take our little ladies to the park to play for awhile well daddy's at work for the day. The girls are so happy about the nice spring weather that we are having today

Friday, 4 April, 2008

Time To Relax

well its Friday night time to relax with a hot mug of tea with my buddy Pooh Bear Glad its the weekend to relax with the girls and hubby We are making super together tonight Geralds cooking Steak on the BBQ and Im making Macaroni Salad and a Garden Salad mmmmmmm can't wait until it's done. As we are both cooking we are enjoying Satellite TV Radio 80's tunes we have music indoors & outdoors front of our home and the backyard. You got to love it its great in the summer believe me But today its a little cool & damp out the temp outside is only 5 its just a little cool for me lol but love the weather its finally changing and no snow. We are going to get nice weather this weekend Yeah !!! Hope the weather girl was not lying about the weather lol seen lots of rain
Well hope you have a safe and happy weekend!!

Wednesday, 2 April, 2008

The Banana Muffin Babe

Well tonight I am again the Banana Muffin babe just for my Hubby he asked me Can you please make me some muffins? I will love you for ever and ever! . How could I say No to him ? lol
the little Ladies Megan & Maria heard me say yes to Gerald and they both said at the same time can you please? So we can have muffins in our lunch
Boy if that all it takes to keep them happy well then why not lol HEHEHE I love to bake for my family and friends SShhhhhhh Im going to make some Apple Crisp for my Sister and have her over for tea! Lets try to keep that a SShhhhhhhhhh oops its already out Carol Im going to Make some Apple Crisp for you! how can you I hind that from you ?I know you love my yummy apple crisp My mouth is watering just talking about it mmmmmmmmm can't wait to make it for you I will post the recipe after when i do make it Its to die for and it goes fast I was born to bake well the muffins are calling me !! Hope you all have a great night sweet dreams about yummy treats

Two Sweethearts

Too bad they are not always like this. A very rare moment were bot Megan and Maria are getting along and smiling and not fighting. Of course if you notice Lisa's back is turned towards the computer, this must be by they are so good. It seems when you are looking at them they are either arguing or fighting or something, but when your back is turned that's when they are behaved LOL. Anyone else ever notice this with there little ones, Let me know. LOL.



100_1772, originally uploaded by lisademars29.

How Cute

Well this is another member of our family. This is Marmalade, the cat that thinks she is a lion. Very pretty kitty she knows it, as you can see it, she flaunts when she walks. She is a very good cat especially with the kids. well Thought you might like to see her well I was able to get a some pics of her hope you think she as cute as we do.



100_1791, originally uploaded by lisademars29.


100_1789, originally uploaded by lisademars29.

Here They Are

I got some pics of the driftwood I had added.

The next 4 pics are of the driftwood the pieces are in different locations of the tank along the back


100_1778, originally uploaded by lisademars29.


100_1781, originally uploaded by lisademars29.


100_1782, originally uploaded by lisademars29.


100_1784, originally uploaded by lisademars29.