Saturday, 12 April, 2008


HEHEHE Well he does love Hunny in his tea!

But I don't think he would love Honey for his Birthday. But why not ? lol So I was thinking and thinking. Just like my buddy Pooh Bear think think Well he love steak and shrimp! Then I though hey ya that would be a great idea! Longhorns restaurant in St Thomas! They have great food!! I told a friend of mine at work that it was G's birthday and I was thinking about taking him there well her boyfriend is chef at longhorn .

She told me some great News about the 15% discount for us. Because where we work She told me to tell them before you order your food You will get a 15% off of your bill and I said Yeah oh to myself and told her thank you very much for telling me about that great offer. So when I went to get G at work I told G we were going out for his birthday and He said where ? Just like a little kid lol I told him that it was going to be at his Favorite place! Boy was he happy! Well we went to Longhorns the food was so good G ate all his up but the girls and I couldn't eat all ours so we took it home and we are going to have it for our Lunch mmm can't wait until than just another hour lol

Well hope you guys all enjoy your weekend !

Hope the weather clears up we had a very loud thunder Storm last night and it looks awful outside So I might go out to play in the mud puddles just love doing that in my spare time Its better then cleaning the house lol


Carol Van Rooy said...

Why did they give you 15% off??? Did you have to mention it was his birthday???

BoufMom9 said...

MMMM! Steak & shrimp sounds so yummy right now! So great about the discount!!!
We are having major thunderstorms right now in NJ. I wonder if it blew in from the north? (maybe if I ever watched the news I would know. LOL)