Thursday, 15 January, 2009

Funny how good friends are better then family.

It is so funny how good friends can be so much more supportive of things you do then your own family. They tend to raise you up when you are feeling down, or when you need a shoulder to cry on. Why is that friends don't judge, and like you just the way you are; you never have to prove anything to your friends or answer for the choices you make. I guess they think they are my friend and believe it is my life and not there's ;"and live and let live." Friends also let you confined in them and they do not go and tell every single person ,to try to get everyone angry or mad at you and make you answer and justify for everything to do or say. Good friends are very few and far between but when you find a :Good Friend or Friends" hang on to them and cherish them. They are like angels in disguise, always there to help and guide and not to "Judge".

Gerald Demars
Husband to Lisa

Well Bet You Are Wondering What I been Up To!

Well Today I was in a Photo Shoot, taken By a friend of mine his name is Mike Hodgson the Photo Shoot was great fun! Him taking pics of me from evening grown s to me just in a nice top and Jeans.
Man Mike is a great Photographer he's a professional Photographer he has 25 years of Experience and it sure shows! He has a website htpp://
Stop by his site to enjoy some beautiful photo's from wildlife to weddings and so on .
He's a really great guy, I even had a tea with him and enjoyed my visit with him chatting He makes me feel real comfortable being around him! He's a sweet guy also ( think I'm Blushing now) and really funny and fun to be with even over tea

Well any ways I hope you enjoyed our photo shoot

Todays Photo Shoot!