Thursday, 2 July, 2009

My road trip to Sarnia was great..

Wednesday morning got up and packed an over night bag...Off I went..I left home @ 8:00am..I had this great big smile on my face..I was so proud of myself that I was going to drive the 402... All by myself this was a big step for me to take...Nicole always said to me Oh you have to come and try driving here.. It's only Sarnia..Well now I can say the 402 rock's... Oh it's so much better then the 401.. There were a few cars and trucks on the highway...I made it there safe and sound with in the hr.. Nicole said wow that I did great timimg.. before I got to her house I stop to call G on my cell to say I was almost there.. He asked me where are you..I said I'm 2 streets away from her house..He was surprised that I was in Sarnia already...We went for coffee...toured Sarnia watched the Canada Day Parade..Afterwards we went to the park/ beach... It's beautiful in Sarnia...Lots of people were there for Canada Day...She showed me around everywhere...Had fresh cut fries under the Blue water bridge..Watched the boats go by...Nicole has a sports car I think its an Nassan 350z roadster convertible

This is just a photo that I found on the net same colour and everything not sure of the year that she has.. Well anyways we had a great time the roof was down every time we toured Sarnia... She even took me on the 402 with this cool car..We had the best time ever..Well I was there...We even went to the movie theater...A Chick flick.. Heheeh The Proposal it was a real good movie...Got back to her place..I was beat.. Had to much fun in one day and turned in for the night... Got up this morning and had breakfast with Nicole... After that, We said our bye's to each other and off I was on my way home...I found the 402 east London got on the highway and off i went came home in good time again safe and sound... Well do ya think I will go back again soon Well yep.. that's for sure it's so easy to get to her house it was easy breezy
Well I hope everyone had a great day
Nighty night I'm off to bed... night...