Wednesday, 28 October, 2009

Way back last year Megan wrote 2 beautiful paragraph's about my baking and cooking..

Well today Megans last year grade 2 teacher asked Megan if she could share them in this years grade 2 class..Of course Megan said yes... She was 7 years old when she wrote them I'm not sure if I shared them with you guys last year but here i go..Warning they are too cute...

I was in the kitchen and I smelled a beautiful smell. Like my Mommy's banana bread.When she opens the oven.I was just dreaming of a pieces.And finally I bit into the banana bread. Reminds me of soft white snow. mmmmm it was so good.

I smelled spaghetti. I asked mommy when it will it be done.And finally she gave me a big plate. I took my fork and dug into that deep spaghetti. The messy spaghetti driped all over me. That spaghetti was so good mmmm
Always remember that spaghetti.

Thought you guys would love to read this..Hope everyone has a great night..Hugs♥