Wednesday, 2 April, 2008

The Banana Muffin Babe

Well tonight I am again the Banana Muffin babe just for my Hubby he asked me Can you please make me some muffins? I will love you for ever and ever! . How could I say No to him ? lol
the little Ladies Megan & Maria heard me say yes to Gerald and they both said at the same time can you please? So we can have muffins in our lunch
Boy if that all it takes to keep them happy well then why not lol HEHEHE I love to bake for my family and friends SShhhhhhh Im going to make some Apple Crisp for my Sister and have her over for tea! Lets try to keep that a SShhhhhhhhhh oops its already out Carol Im going to Make some Apple Crisp for you! how can you I hind that from you ?I know you love my yummy apple crisp My mouth is watering just talking about it mmmmmmmmm can't wait to make it for you I will post the recipe after when i do make it Its to die for and it goes fast I was born to bake well the muffins are calling me !! Hope you all have a great night sweet dreams about yummy treats

Two Sweethearts

Too bad they are not always like this. A very rare moment were bot Megan and Maria are getting along and smiling and not fighting. Of course if you notice Lisa's back is turned towards the computer, this must be by they are so good. It seems when you are looking at them they are either arguing or fighting or something, but when your back is turned that's when they are behaved LOL. Anyone else ever notice this with there little ones, Let me know. LOL.



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How Cute

Well this is another member of our family. This is Marmalade, the cat that thinks she is a lion. Very pretty kitty she knows it, as you can see it, she flaunts when she walks. She is a very good cat especially with the kids. well Thought you might like to see her well I was able to get a some pics of her hope you think she as cute as we do.



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Here They Are

I got some pics of the driftwood I had added.

The next 4 pics are of the driftwood the pieces are in different locations of the tank along the back


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here are the pics of the wood in the tank

Finally Done

My tank if finally done. With the Bamboo Shoots gone the tank was bare. I went out and got 1 piece of driftwood, I liked it so much I went out and got some more driftwood to go along the back of the tank. The cool thing about the wood is that it covers the tubes for the filters, you don't really see any physical apparatus at all. I also receive some extra gravel at no cost; I cleaned it and put it in the tank . The colour of the gravel gives a very nice contrast to the fish colours, however the problem is the gravel is a bit dark kinda of a dark red, so it makes the tank a little to dark to take any pics, the wood also causes the tank to be dark, what a nice look though and a really good contrast. Maybe I will be able to take some pics when it gets dark outside. The fish seem to like the gravel and the wood they are already picking at the gravel and moving it around; they are also swimming in and out of the wood. It would appear that some of them are even playing a type of hide and seek, one hides the other seeks, finds and then kinda pokes the one hiding, just to have the same thing in reverse. Fun to watch. I will keep you posted on how the pics turn out.