Sunday, 16 March, 2008


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this is one of the 2 Puffers I bought. It is funny the girl at the pet store told me that these little guys don't get along with any other fish; they tend to be very aggressive towards other fish.

Yet the Angel Fish who are tiny compared to the Puffers are taking on the Puffers. I guess they should really know what they are really selling to people. I ahve been in this hobby for almost 20 years; I ahve broke almost all the standard rules to keeping fish some with fault and demise, but almost all with great sucsess. Never tell a person not to do something if they are the type to break the rules. hahahaha.



Well the burger week is finally done I am totally done like a turkey. Just to get ready for Easter (arhhhgg!). Well I mooooved 9000lbs of burger last week(roughly 9 cows) WOW! thats a lot of BULL! hahahaha. So here I sit thinking of what to type. Anyway I get 3 days off this week; since Friday is Good Friday. I will be able to actually have a Family Day, since the real Family Day was ruined cus Lisa had to work.(Family Day! What a farce.) My wife was very good to me today, she "BAKED!"; I had banana muffins and banana bread. (so Janet I now know why she did not answer the phone.) hahahaha. We then went to London to get out and do some family things with the girls, I picked up 2 new fish Amazon Puffer Fish, Lisa bought a new Tea Pot As if we needed another one(we already have 3 Tea Pots.) Well I guess if you are going to collect something make it something you can put to use. LOL.

To All Have A good One.

Banana Muffins

In my home smells real mmmmmmm I just finished making some Banana muffins & bread My little Maria just eat two right from out of the oven No they sat for abit but they were warm lol My parents bought a big box of Banana's for 1.99 at store .So my parents gave us a lot of banana's When I make muffins I get 7-8 big muffins today I made 28 muffins and 1 loaf because i like to make them big hehehe They taste better when Big And the biggest one goes to ME eat 2 big muffins and 2 slices of bread mmmmmmmmmmmm with about a tea pot full of tea they are Lisa Approved hehehehe Have to check to see if they are OK to eat hehehe so Im going to share with my friends at work

3-large bananas

1-egg Wet

1- cup sugar * I use 1/2 cup *

4-Tbsp melted butter


1 1/2 cup flour

1 tsp salt Dry

1 tsp baking soda


Mix wet & dry , walnuts optional Bake at 325 for 20-25 Min's.


hope you enjoy the muffins too

I went a little muffin crazy and Banana Bread happy 4 batches of muffins 1 loaf of bread Hehehe I love to bake all I need NOW is the DANCING BANANA on my Blog like My sister has its so cool Yes we are booth crazy girls that make banana Muffin in our spare time mmmmmmmmmmmm

Have a great night