Sunday, 16 March, 2008


Well the burger week is finally done I am totally done like a turkey. Just to get ready for Easter (arhhhgg!). Well I mooooved 9000lbs of burger last week(roughly 9 cows) WOW! thats a lot of BULL! hahahaha. So here I sit thinking of what to type. Anyway I get 3 days off this week; since Friday is Good Friday. I will be able to actually have a Family Day, since the real Family Day was ruined cus Lisa had to work.(Family Day! What a farce.) My wife was very good to me today, she "BAKED!"; I had banana muffins and banana bread. (so Janet I now know why she did not answer the phone.) hahahaha. We then went to London to get out and do some family things with the girls, I picked up 2 new fish Amazon Puffer Fish, Lisa bought a new Tea Pot As if we needed another one(we already have 3 Tea Pots.) Well I guess if you are going to collect something make it something you can put to use. LOL.

To All Have A good One.

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Janet said...

Hey always could pass a lot of bull...LOL. I like the fish. Trust you to break the rules.