Saturday, 3 October, 2009

That last few days I been taking it real easy...

I'm feeling a lot better now after taking it easy, getting lots of rest..drinking lots of fluids
and dashing a little salt on my food..I was rushed into the hospital Thursday night,I blacked out in my living room due to low blood pressure. I always knew had low blood Pressure.But didnt know it was real bad at times..After talking to the Doc @ E.R. and after a few test they found out that I have a premature heart beat..Its not every beat that my heart takes, its just a few..I was told to take it easy drink lots and dash a little salt on my meals..Makes me wonder if I'd had this for a few years already..I will be calling my family drs on this..Well the good news is that I'm ok..and feeling better.
I really think all the hugs and kisses from our little ladies helped me feel better..
Well I'm off to bed Good night..Hugs♥