Tuesday, 29 December, 2009

Poor Maria My Little Sickie Baby...

We woke up early this morning She was feeling great..Happy go lucky little girl..Was all excited about going to the movies with her Aunt and Uncle and cuz's... The girl even went outside and played for abit...Poor Maria later in the Afternoon.. She turned to this poor teary eyed crying girl with a sore ear then it went to her head...Just crying her eyes out then almost making me cry..G was done work..Found Maria laying in his Lazy boy all wrapped up in the blanket that Aunt Carol had made for her years ago..He knew She was not feeling well..Oh the tears started to flow Daddy I'm Sick..Have sore ear and sore head..Awwww poor thing... I called the Doc and the only time I could take her in was the Walk-In.After 5pm..I called my sis and told them the news about Maria..Well I took her into the walk-in She's on meds the dr. said to me.. boy when she gets sick she's really sick..Oh ya..Poor girl..Tonight I wanted to Take our Business to wal-mart We always went to Shoppers for years and you know wal-mart is so much better..And faster service..and Cheaper too.. I will only go to Shoppers only if I have too now..Like for long weekends or late at night...This photo of Maria was taken later this evening...Just before bed..

Had A Wonderful Christmas..

We had a wonderful Christmas with all of our families..We hosted 2 family gathering with our families..I had cooked a yummy Turkey well G was at work..til 2:30Then my brother- Law and G had made the fixings.Thanks to them..We had a wonderful family dinner..Then the guys went and did the dishes..Thanks to them again..After everything was cleaned up we gotten ready for Our family Christmas mass..It was a beautiful mass..We all headed back to our place for yummy treats and gifts..The bake goods our girls made with Aunt Carol and Uncle John and Dakota and Dalton. It was a wonderful Christmas Eve with my family.It was getting really late We all said our good nights
( Even called each other and wished them a merry Christmas in the morning)

Then Christmas Day morning Just our little family had the whole morning to relax and enjoy the time together we opened the gifts under the tree from Santa and opened the stockings too..We were all in our PJ til just about an hr before G's family showing up

Later that afternoon we had Gs family over for Christmas..G had made a yummy ham..We had the ham dinner open gifts and they all went on there own merry way( Not a very close family)
2-3 pm Family showed up 4pm ate they did dishes for us.. opened Gifts and then gone...Wow
crazy I know...

Then after that G and I had more time together with our Beautiful girls until bed..We had a wonderful Christmas..How was yours...