Sunday, 15 June, 2008

Daddy we love you so much!!!!!! Happy Fathers Day!!!

Daddy We look up to you every moment in our lives you shown us everything that you know from A-Z how to eat an Apple to having fun at a Zoo !

Daddy We love you so much you make mommy and us smile so much!!

you are always there for us to give us hugs and kisses,

I've Been Tagged !! And Im tagging you!

I've been tagged by my blog friend Debi from Who Says 8 Enough !

So here I go !!!

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What was i doing ten years ago?
Well ten years ago was along time ago hehehe
hope i don't bore you to death!
-planing our wedding with both families - Being a farm girl jumping right into a city girl moved to St.Thomas in to a small apartment it sucked so bad! Plus getting married missing my mommy & daddy so much calling them almost every night, long distance. The funny thing is Aylmer to St.Thomas is like a 15minite drive. I was so thankful that a few months later we could call them for free. I found it hard for the 1st few months it felt so weird not living with them and even missed my farm buddies the ducks, cows chickens, tons of cats & kittens, goats, my dads birds rabbits the list will go on, I missed it all you could say so.
Gerald & I bought a dog and her name was Gibbie she was a great dog and a little buddy with my sister little one Dakota they had a sweet little friend ship there !It was so cute (i will sure later about that in a different post) I worked at Kill Bank Screw Machine and Gerald worked at Presstran thu a temp company

boy where did the time go! This Sept.12 We will be married for 10 years

What are five (Non-work) things on my to-do list for today?

* Make Breakfest in bed for Gerald

* go to the store to get everything for our Father's Day BBQ at the Park

*Make a Garden Salad for the BBQ

*Rest and Relaxation at the park heheheheh

* Make sure I eat lots at the BBQ mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Five snacks I enjoy!

*Wine and more wine (everyone was putting their fav. drink so I did hehehe)

*Fruits and veggies ( Weekday food)

*junk food(weekend food)

Things I would do if I were a billionaire

*Pay off my home

* help friends & family

* drinking more wine hehehe would have my own vineyards

Places I lived

London , Ont - 7 m as a baby

Aylmer ,Ont - 21 years

St Thomas , Ont- almost 10 years

Jobs I have had

Spring Gardens Nur.- 2 years

Kill bank Screw Machine - 2 years

AFL- 8 years



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