Sunday, 15 June, 2008

I've Been Tagged !! And Im tagging you!

I've been tagged by my blog friend Debi from Who Says 8 Enough !

So here I go !!!

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What was i doing ten years ago?
Well ten years ago was along time ago hehehe
hope i don't bore you to death!
-planing our wedding with both families - Being a farm girl jumping right into a city girl moved to St.Thomas in to a small apartment it sucked so bad! Plus getting married missing my mommy & daddy so much calling them almost every night, long distance. The funny thing is Aylmer to St.Thomas is like a 15minite drive. I was so thankful that a few months later we could call them for free. I found it hard for the 1st few months it felt so weird not living with them and even missed my farm buddies the ducks, cows chickens, tons of cats & kittens, goats, my dads birds rabbits the list will go on, I missed it all you could say so.
Gerald & I bought a dog and her name was Gibbie she was a great dog and a little buddy with my sister little one Dakota they had a sweet little friend ship there !It was so cute (i will sure later about that in a different post) I worked at Kill Bank Screw Machine and Gerald worked at Presstran thu a temp company

boy where did the time go! This Sept.12 We will be married for 10 years

What are five (Non-work) things on my to-do list for today?

* Make Breakfest in bed for Gerald

* go to the store to get everything for our Father's Day BBQ at the Park

*Make a Garden Salad for the BBQ

*Rest and Relaxation at the park heheheheh

* Make sure I eat lots at the BBQ mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Five snacks I enjoy!

*Wine and more wine (everyone was putting their fav. drink so I did hehehe)

*Fruits and veggies ( Weekday food)

*junk food(weekend food)

Things I would do if I were a billionaire

*Pay off my home

* help friends & family

* drinking more wine hehehe would have my own vineyards

Places I lived

London , Ont - 7 m as a baby

Aylmer ,Ont - 21 years

St Thomas , Ont- almost 10 years

Jobs I have had

Spring Gardens Nur.- 2 years

Kill bank Screw Machine - 2 years

AFL- 8 years



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