Monday, 4 May, 2009

Congrats Megan on making your 1st Communion

Megan had her 1st Communion with all her friends and classmate at Holy Angels
Megans little sister, Maria was so proud of her big sister Megan, G& I are so proud of Megan too.
They had a beautiful Mass Sunday May3 @ 1:00pm for all family and friends Both sides of the Families were there to celebrate with us and two great friends of our little family Mike & Fred
I will have more Photo's of Megans special Day... Please stay tune for more... I have some editing to do on my photo's That I have taken...Plus Mike and Fred taken Beautiful Photo's too..
A special thanks to them..xoxoxox and a Special thanks to both Families helped us put on a great meal afterwards... For our Gathering at our beautiful Pinafore Park...
Hope everyone has a great night xoxoxoxxoxo