Wednesday, 14 October, 2009

Had my appointment today with my family Doctor

This afternoon I seen our Dr. To talk to him about my health and what i been going Thu..He checked my blood pressure both sitting & standing..Oh boy..He listened to my heart beat.. He said it sound good and healthy..But just to be on the safe side he's sending me for more test, Blood work,Holter Monitor for 48 hrs & Echocardiogram..Just waiting to get a phone call..Doc also told me to wear panty hose's in the winter month's and drink a can a coke a day..He told me coke does wonders for low blood pressure..Oh ya and told me that i will live longer then other's
lol Im going to do the blood work in the morning..So Im fasting from 12am until after my blood work is done...So I will be getting up and getting the girls ready in the morning for school then heading off to the clinic to get my blood work done its right in my drs. office...
Well it's getting late..Hope everyone has a great night..Hugs