Tuesday, 26 May, 2009

Ring Ring My home phone is ring off of the hook..Yep its for me...

I had An interview a couple days ago with a little cutie-z shop with a tearoom..Oh I just loved the sweet lady that owns it...and fell in love with the Beautiful style of the shop...Then later this Afternoon Mike & I had to photograph Jazz, Hip Hop and Ballet Dancers out of town ... My Cell rings... It's G man Calling me... Having great news for me a cleaning job calls for me to set up an Interview G tells me to grab a pen and paper... I hear oh Hun wait..Someone else is on the line for you too...It's a retail job to set up an interview too....Get the #'s from G I call them to set up the appointment I call back G Man to talk to him my cell dies... thank goodness my cell never died well....You know... My sweet friend Mike (Big Bro) Handed me his phone... already dialed to our house...Awwww Well I think Mike was my lucky charm..Just about 2 sec before the phone ring Mike and I were talking about my job searching.. Well I will keep all of you updated on everything later tomorrow
Hope everyone has a great night xoxxoxxoxxoxoxo