Sunday, 23 November, 2008

Santa Can I Please Have This Under My Tree For Christmas! lol Hehehe

This is my sweet friend Jayson He's a model and a Photographer Yes you can say he's Hot and He's only 19years Old, I could take pics of him all day! If I could Hehehehe My girls say He's my Sun Shine Boy! He's like a little brother to me We both love to Shop! Right Jayson? We are also going to do a shopping trip to the London Malls real soon I can't wait!

I had a pleasure of working with him at work and we hit it off great in the summer just him and I went out for Ice Cream just to get out as friends We been Chatting on facebook and yahoo ever since, Even my Hubby G been chatting to him on-line Boy He's a real sweet heart my family got to meet him today For the 1st time Boy We had a real great time out on the town with the girls doing a family photo shoot At the park in the snow enjoying the winter wonderland also Beautiful family Photo's by the nice warm fire place just enjoying our family and spending time together as a family lots of smile's hugs and kisses and A beautiful older style photo is going to be edited for us too! I asked him If he could take a fun modeling pic of me Heheheeh

Jayson I would love to take the Time and say Thank you very much for taking your time out of your very busy schedule and fitting us in to do a family photo shoot

And to all my Blogggy friends I will post a link to his website for your enjoyment and viewing later

Hope everyone is Enjoying the weekend!