Monday, 31 March, 2008

Not Camera Shy

I told you my Bruisers are not camera shy. Every time I take a pic of the tank they always want in on the action. Camera Hogs indeed. hahahaha



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New Driftwood

Since I had to take out the Bamboo shoots in my tank. There was a bare spot in the tank so I went out and got a nice piece of Driftwood, now the tank does not look so bare. I do beleive I might need 1 or 2 more pieces of Driftwood just to complete the look. On top of all that I caught one of my Bruisers engulfing my fairly new catfish, I walked into the living room and seen a tail hanging out of the fish's mouth. I caught my little orange Bruiser and pulled out the fish from his mouth. The catfish was kinda stripped of its skin. I gave the catfish a tiny furneral, and flushed him down the toilet. He went swimming with the fishes. hahahahaha


notice that

if you notice one of my "Bruisers" happen to get into the pic with Maria they are very photogenic fish hahahaha.


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Just playing around.

Well Lisa was out for a bit. Maria and I were at home by ourseleves watching Scooby-Doo,she had asked me to take a few pics of her posing in front of the fish tank, and with our puppy Jake.

Sunday, 30 March, 2008

Thanks to Danny Seo

Thanks to Danny Seo for giving me a great idea ! For using wine corks for making hot pot stands to place on our dinning room table or make as great gifts! Also I would like to thank some of my friends for helping me make this a lot faster I used 58 wine corks and went to Canadian Tire to buy the Metal cramp that was $1.79 i used a 6" clamp it was real easy to make.

I opened the clamp and started to put all the corks inside of the clamp. Then I asked my hubby to help me tighten the clamp to hold all the corks together and now its a hot pot stand works great and its save the table from getting hot. Some of you might be saying Who Danny Seo? Well he is a great guy I first heard about him from a show called She's crafty its on HGTV The Host Wendy Russell had Danny Seo as her Special guest on her show back in June 07 Danny is a Eco- stylist. He was showing her how to make a birdhouse out of old books. That same night I went on the net and looked him up and all I could say was Wow I bet I had 5 windows open hopping from 1 to another well then I noticed he a has a blog to of all his cool Ideas Im hocked at this point and not letting go lol well Im going to share his Blog with you

Every day i check his blog out and Yes i have left him some messages for him to read hes also even been on the CBS Early Show a few times I watched every video from the CBS Early Show staring Danny well as you can tell Danny is one of the greatest guys in my books and my hubby's still shacking his head at me saying only you to be more crazy on the 3Rs and being green well G my hubbys been putting old flower pots in his 90g. tank for a home for the fish and he thinks Im crazy well ya my friends do call me crazy lol hey well hope danny is also reading this i would love to meet him in person and have tea with him lol well I bet he would be to busy to come to Canada just for tea to meet me lol

Well hope you all have a great week .

Bacteria Galore

I had to take all the Bamboo shoots out of the tank. Unfortunetly they looked really good but they held all the grim and cereated alot of bateria build-up, the tank always seemed cloudy and hazey. I put the Bamboo into a vase. Now my tank looks very bare, I will now have to go out and buy some more plants to make the tank look full. Oh well nothing ventured, nothing gained.I think I will try some pieces of wood to give some character to the tank. we will see how things will work. I will keep you posted.


Saturday, 29 March, 2008



Friday, 28 March, 2008

How many times can you share the St.Thomas T-J News Paper

I got a free St. Thomas Times- Journal paper in my mail box on Thursday night. So i took it to work with me today to read and share with my friends on break and lunch Wow people go Nuts for the News paper all I heard was can i read that after you Yep for sure i told everyone that i brought it in for all of us to read or was it for the whole plant to read yep it was lol I think the print might be wore off bye now. Believe me I left it at work for the afternoon shift also to read and guess what some of the afternoon workers were reading the paper and the flyer's wow that's really being green I go to the library to read the news papers and magazines just imagine how many times just one news paper get read in a day at a pubic place. Wow that just makes me feel good about the news paper in my mail box that i shared at work today with others If I got the news paper daily I would take it in every day to share maybe someone might bring in the news paper for everyone just like me.

1. How green are you ? please share

I will share with you how green I am



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At last

I have finally got all the fish Im wanted to complete my aqutic wonderland. I went out and picked up these little darlings, of course a special order. However very much worth the hassle. this is just a sample pic of the amazing creatures, these guys are just babies with this kind of colour, Just wait till they grow up, they get much more brighter and the fins get much longer.

probably one of the most desired fish for most in the hobby. A very gentle fish, very social fish and does not burrow at the plants. However like most animals when it is time to breed these guys do get a bit protective of there area and there young. Can't argue that! Who would not protect what is theirs?.

Thursday, 27 March, 2008


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I thought I would have to wait a while to get a pic of my last fish friend but here it is. He's was being co-opertive today. This guy is called a Fire Mouth Chiclid. When they get older they get a fire red colour under there throats very pretty to see.

Wednesday, 26 March, 2008

More Friends

These two little fish are called Platinum Severn They are a peaceful fish and quite timid, but thanx to the water change I did, they deceiced to come out and say "hi" of course one of the Bruisers had to be in the pic(you know they are the centre of attention.) LOL. So now I go believe that is all of my fishy friends, I just realized there is one fish friend left. When I can get a good pic I will post them.

To All Have A Good One.


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Paradise Underwater

It may only be a flower pot with a cut out in it but to breeding fish it happens to be a Hotel Paridadise. A very good way to reuse something rather then throwing it out.(lisa would be so proud of me for being "Green"). Hopefully this will encourage some activity in the uderwater world,hahahahaha. To have baby fishies(Fry) would be very cool.


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New Friends con't

Well I finally got a pic of the my new Puffer Friend. I did a water change and my aqutic home, and the fish seem much happier and playful, well I guess You would be happier and more playful too(all the bad stuff like poop and food debris are out of your living space. :)). So Iwas able to have a friendly visit from my new Friend and one other of my aqutic friends. The first pic the a figure 8 Puffer, the second pic is one my my Angles the lived out of 30. He was a strong one is guess.

Tuesday, 25 March, 2008

New Friends

Well unfortunatelt my new Puffer is a bit camera shy so I will have to get back when he is not so shy sorry

To All Have A Good One

New Friends

Well I had to go and get a new friend for my one Puffer Fish I did have 2 but one got sucked up into my filter during the night. So I had one little Puffer swimming around by himself for about 4 days. So I went to get some attachements for my filters and saw a tank with a bunch of Puffers in it so Megan was with me and she noticed them and said"Daddy there are some Puffers here lets get one so the other one has a friend.!" So I got him. and here is a pic of him. Now all I need is a few more fish and my tank community will be finished.

Sunday, 23 March, 2008

Easter Sunday

We started our Easter Sunday at 6:00am for the Sun Rise Mass at our church at 7:00am. Gerald & I let the girls sleep longer. Gerald made tea for us well i got the girls clothes ready also check to see for sure if the Easter Bunny came to our home. Yeah!!!! he came and left lots of stuff for the girls 2 Easter baskets full of treats, activity books ,markers and toys and 2 hand bags that looked like a bunny full of hair accessories , Easter pens and note pads and treats WOW the Easter bunny was good to them HEHEHE He left them on the dinning room table so when the girls got up they would see the gifts Boy the girls were so happy to see everything !! But the girls had to go to church before they opened everything .

So we got the girls ready for mass After mass there was a Easter breakfast for all the families to share and enjoy. We meet my sister and her family at Church sat together for mass and then we all went to the gathering afterwards for breakfast it was muffins fruits verities of breads that you would have with tea and coffee. well enjoyed time with my family and my sisters family too afterwards we got invited to my sisters for tea and treats Thanks carol We all enjoyed the time to be together then came home to get ready to go to my parents for a visit and dinner it was a great visit with them and the dinner was great too !! We had a big ham dinner it was so yummy It was a nice day not to cold on the farm so I took the girls outside to play and get some fresh air too The country air well enjoyed fresh crisp air lol and now we are home and the girls are squeaky clean with their baths they smell mmmmm so clean you can't stop kissing them lol Its almost their bed time after Charlie's Easter the girls love him lol and daddy and I are relax in tonight before I go back to work in the morning

Well hope everyone enjoyed Easter with your families

good night all

Friday, 21 March, 2008


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Wednesday, 19 March, 2008

Spring Cleaning

Well today was my day off. Since I am fully recovered form the huge burger ad week, I did so much needed cleaning,(Spring Cleaning). Well I did all the laundry, all the dishes and washed the floors, and vacuumed the entire house. and did other cleaning to get ready for Spring and Easter. For my hard work I was allowed to get a case of beer. What a nice wife I have.

That's all I have to report for today not to much of an exciting day today.

To All Have A good One

Monday, 17 March, 2008


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Well hello to all. I have made a new addition to my lovely aqutic home. I have added Bamboo shoots to it. Now therer is an Asian feel to the whole thing I have posted this pic to give you an insight to the look and feel of the tank. I believe this is the last thing I am doing to the tank.

It is however really cool to watch the fish swim: IN OUT and ALL AROUND the Bamboo.

Also the fish just don't swim back and forth. The Bamboo also makes the tank look much deeper. I have left all the other plants in the tank for colour and character. This one is very unique indeed. Hope you like the pic.

To All Have A Good One.


Sunday, 16 March, 2008


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this is one of the 2 Puffers I bought. It is funny the girl at the pet store told me that these little guys don't get along with any other fish; they tend to be very aggressive towards other fish.

Yet the Angel Fish who are tiny compared to the Puffers are taking on the Puffers. I guess they should really know what they are really selling to people. I ahve been in this hobby for almost 20 years; I ahve broke almost all the standard rules to keeping fish some with fault and demise, but almost all with great sucsess. Never tell a person not to do something if they are the type to break the rules. hahahaha.



Well the burger week is finally done I am totally done like a turkey. Just to get ready for Easter (arhhhgg!). Well I mooooved 9000lbs of burger last week(roughly 9 cows) WOW! thats a lot of BULL! hahahaha. So here I sit thinking of what to type. Anyway I get 3 days off this week; since Friday is Good Friday. I will be able to actually have a Family Day, since the real Family Day was ruined cus Lisa had to work.(Family Day! What a farce.) My wife was very good to me today, she "BAKED!"; I had banana muffins and banana bread. (so Janet I now know why she did not answer the phone.) hahahaha. We then went to London to get out and do some family things with the girls, I picked up 2 new fish Amazon Puffer Fish, Lisa bought a new Tea Pot As if we needed another one(we already have 3 Tea Pots.) Well I guess if you are going to collect something make it something you can put to use. LOL.

To All Have A good One.

Banana Muffins

In my home smells real mmmmmmm I just finished making some Banana muffins & bread My little Maria just eat two right from out of the oven No they sat for abit but they were warm lol My parents bought a big box of Banana's for 1.99 at store .So my parents gave us a lot of banana's When I make muffins I get 7-8 big muffins today I made 28 muffins and 1 loaf because i like to make them big hehehe They taste better when Big And the biggest one goes to ME eat 2 big muffins and 2 slices of bread mmmmmmmmmmmm with about a tea pot full of tea they are Lisa Approved hehehehe Have to check to see if they are OK to eat hehehe so Im going to share with my friends at work

3-large bananas

1-egg Wet

1- cup sugar * I use 1/2 cup *

4-Tbsp melted butter


1 1/2 cup flour

1 tsp salt Dry

1 tsp baking soda


Mix wet & dry , walnuts optional Bake at 325 for 20-25 Min's.


hope you enjoy the muffins too

I went a little muffin crazy and Banana Bread happy 4 batches of muffins 1 loaf of bread Hehehe I love to bake all I need NOW is the DANCING BANANA on my Blog like My sister has its so cool Yes we are booth crazy girls that make banana Muffin in our spare time mmmmmmmmmmmm

Have a great night

Wednesday, 12 March, 2008

Helpful Hints for your home

Do you like using helpful hint to help you at home ? I do I love reading them in books Mags and News papers will here I go to list a few for ya. If you have any to share with me and other guest please share them with us thanks just put them in the comments

-Defogging the inside windshield
*Use an old windshield wiper blade on the inside of the window.

-Cleanups with old toothbrushes
* Save worn ones to clean blades on double-blade razors. If you brush out the stubble that's caught between the blades, you might be able to get another shave or two out of them

-A tight squeeze
*If tweezers are dull, lightly go over the tips with a nail file, emery board or pumice stone. Tweezers will be good as new.

-Longer -lasting fragrances
*Apply when skin is still warm and slightly damp after bathing.
*Or, soak a cotton ball with the fragrance and tuck it into your bra.

And even have some Fun stuff for ya too
Pushbutton birthday song * Play the "Happy Birthday "song on a Touch-tone phone while on the line with a friend by pushing:

Well enjoy the hints ! Have a great night

One more Day of Burger

Well it is now Wensday. One more day to go. yesterday I had received the 3000lbs of Burger I had mentioned perviously. Well because today was my day off, the other cutter was by himself with a wrapper I had ground 2000lbs of the 3000lbs so there would be enough burger so there would be no grinding needed for today. I can say I never know the human body was capable of doing the impossible, until yesterday, however I am now paying for doing the impossible. Very sore muscles and body. At least I only have 1 more day to go YAAAAAA!

I now have a smile on my face knowing "The End is Near!"
I am also having Meat Loaf for dinner a good way to end the Huge Burger Sale Week" LOL.

To All Have A Good One

Tuesday, 11 March, 2008

earthhour interview

earthhour interview, originally uploaded by lisademars29.

Yeah I made It in The St.Thomas Times Journal Mondays Paper the story is about Earthhour
MARCH 29 2008

Monday, 10 March, 2008

Last Night's Dinner

Well the Sunday night Dinner was a big success. Lisa├Ęs sister and her family came over a mentioned in a previous post. The roast unfortunately was a bit dry, but being very polite guests my sister-in-law and her husband said the roast was very good, despite the slight over chewing of the meat. But with a few drinks of wine and gravy the meat was perfect. Then we had a very nice visit after the meal, our guests did not leave until 10:35pm and Lisa and did not get to bed until 11:30pm. Just to get up early to go to work the next day.

Thanx to John and Carol and Family for joining us for our Sunday Dinner
and Thank You for your kind compliments for the meal.

To All Have A Good One.


Hamburger Again?!

Well I am still here after another day of $1 burger. After doing another 2000lbs of ground beef; I finally reached the last case of burger with great delight, but only for a breif moment to realize I have another 3000lbs of burger arriving tomorrow for yet the rest of the week,(Yeah- NOT). Ironic through with all things when you reach the complation of a task you have a very good feeling and are happy to be done! Until you relize you have more to do of the same task.

Now you would think after grinding all that burger I would hate burger right?! Well wrong I now have a craving for spaghetti and meat loaf, AAGGHHH!

Thank goodness this is only for 3 more days YEAH!

In most cases today is today, and tomorrow is a new day, however with burger sales today is today and tomorrow and tomorrow and so and so on hahahaha.

to all have a good one.


Sunday, 9 March, 2008


100_1697, originally uploaded by lisademars29.

This Is Megan being real silly well I was talking to my sister she was singing that song Thank you everybody was a crazy looking girl

Dollar Days

Well it is now Sunday. Got through the Saturday rush of Dollar Days, I ground 40 cases of burger; that equals 2000 lbs of burger in two days. Thankfully the weather was not so nice, and held back customers. I have today off (YEAH) no burger today. However the snow that we had equals roughly 3ft; so instead of grinding burger I, We are now shoveling snow. You know no matter either you are at work or at home there is always somthing to do. Well I am cooking a nice beef roast for dinner, hoping Lisa's sister and her family come over for dinner as well. The rest of the day I will be resting and trying to get rid of the nasty cold that I have and preparing for tomorrow's rush on the $1 a LB burger.

Well to All Have a good One.

Saturday, 8 March, 2008


100_1675, originally uploaded by lisademars29.

Jonie showing the children "that's how we collect the sap to make our maple syrup It goes into our buckets on the trees
She told all the kids that they all get to help on the tour


100_1676, originally uploaded by lisademars29.

Maria helping her dril a hole in the tree


100_1677, originally uploaded by lisademars29.

shes getting ready to dril a hole for the spiel she said the kids get a turn to help but she's just starting it for them


100_1679, originally uploaded by lisademars29.

getting the kids to say spiel that's where the sap come out of


100_1681, originally uploaded by lisademars29.

Jonie is putting the pin on the lid to keep the lid on the pot


100_1682, originally uploaded by lisademars29.

Jonie putting lid on the bucket


100_1683, originally uploaded by lisademars29.

Yeah the children and Jonie got the bucket on the tree


100_1684, originally uploaded by lisademars29.

AL pouring the sap in Maria bucket so maria can pour it into the strainer to get the Ice and other stuff like bugs out of the sap


100_1685, originally uploaded by lisademars29.

Al was telling all the Children about cooking the sap that's how they make maple syrup

Friday, 7 March, 2008


Well its true not a lie Its called earthhour Its on March 29 2008 from 8 till 9pm Hey wait that's like my home every night lol that what my sister says about my home when they come by its looks dark from out side well use about 80 watts in our living room at night tv or Radio is on or the computer is on to do some online stuff lol only the good stuff that is kid friendly lol or reading other peoples blogs and reading the news paper Im started to go green on some things it all started with a show called shes crafty she had a guest on her show his name was Danny Seo and now Im hooked look out Gerald my hubby is saying oh no lol
well hope you will turn your light out then to on March 29 2008

Thursday, 6 March, 2008

Busy day

Well today we are getting ready for tomorrows $1 sale. Lots of burger to grind. I will now be known as the "Burger B----". hahahaha. One good thing about these adds with the amount of lifting and movement of product, I will lose 5lbs in the waist and gain 3lbs in the arms. LOL.
Not only do we have burger one for a $1 a lb, there is also smoked pork picnic hams for $1 a lb
and other fresh meat products for a $1 a lb. I soooo hate $1 day ads. A whole lot of work for nothing but a loss and no profit on the sale items. well its off the grind more burger just to end up grinding all week-end.

Have a good one everyone

Wednesday, 5 March, 2008


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Maria trying Ballet. "How's my Peroit Mom?"


100_1674, originally uploaded by lisademars29.

These are our new friends"THE BRUSIERS". These fish are Red Blood Oscars I got them cus I have never seen Oscars in this colour before. They are much nicer then the Tiger or Albino types. hope you like them. they are fun to watch and observe they (school) swim all toghether. Also when someone walks by the tank they all swim to the top, kinda like a dog that follows you around. Lisa was folding the laundry and they all went to the corner and watch her until she was done (really cute). I hoping to have some little ones soon, as there is a pair already courting.


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Yeah!!!!!!! Going to the Sugar Bush

Yes that's right I got the OK to take Friday off for the school trip to Circle R Ranch Boy Maria is so Happy that i get to go with her . Was not to sure if I was going due to work because some other people also have the day of But they OK it so Im going Can't wait until then hope the weather is nice for us that also means i get along weekend Yes that's right lol that will be real nice for me 1 more day to work for this week and then Its time for a lots of FUN Im going to bring my cam and eat lots of pancakes !!!!!
Hope you have a great night !!!

Monday, 3 March, 2008


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Sunday, 2 March, 2008


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100_1662, originally uploaded by lisademars29.

Jake our puppy on his1st B-Day

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nice relaxing weekend

A lot of R&R weekend didn't do to much relaxed with the girl well G was at work did so small thing around the house but not to much just tidy up and the dishes Oh and my little Maria has her 1st little field trip this week on friday to the Sugar Bush at Circle R Ranch in Delaware Im thinking of going If I can take the time off work A day away of work and still get payed Maria is so happy about going with her classmates Hope the weather is great for the trip well I hope I can go will find out in the morning at work
hope everyone had a great weekend too