Sunday, 30 March, 2008

Thanks to Danny Seo

Thanks to Danny Seo for giving me a great idea ! For using wine corks for making hot pot stands to place on our dinning room table or make as great gifts! Also I would like to thank some of my friends for helping me make this a lot faster I used 58 wine corks and went to Canadian Tire to buy the Metal cramp that was $1.79 i used a 6" clamp it was real easy to make.

I opened the clamp and started to put all the corks inside of the clamp. Then I asked my hubby to help me tighten the clamp to hold all the corks together and now its a hot pot stand works great and its save the table from getting hot. Some of you might be saying Who Danny Seo? Well he is a great guy I first heard about him from a show called She's crafty its on HGTV The Host Wendy Russell had Danny Seo as her Special guest on her show back in June 07 Danny is a Eco- stylist. He was showing her how to make a birdhouse out of old books. That same night I went on the net and looked him up and all I could say was Wow I bet I had 5 windows open hopping from 1 to another well then I noticed he a has a blog to of all his cool Ideas Im hocked at this point and not letting go lol well Im going to share his Blog with you

Every day i check his blog out and Yes i have left him some messages for him to read hes also even been on the CBS Early Show a few times I watched every video from the CBS Early Show staring Danny well as you can tell Danny is one of the greatest guys in my books and my hubby's still shacking his head at me saying only you to be more crazy on the 3Rs and being green well G my hubbys been putting old flower pots in his 90g. tank for a home for the fish and he thinks Im crazy well ya my friends do call me crazy lol hey well hope danny is also reading this i would love to meet him in person and have tea with him lol well I bet he would be to busy to come to Canada just for tea to meet me lol

Well hope you all have a great week .

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Janet said...

that is a great idea Lisa...i will be checking out his site as well!