Monday, 30 June, 2008

What Do Girls love to do? Well It's shopping!!!!!!!!!!

Yes my little ladies & I love to shop until we drop, Well Gerald was at work today .

We went to all the 2nd hand stores in town. We bought a few outfits for our camping trip/ summer clothes, Im thrifty with my money and the girls love everything I bought them thank heavens for that and it always saves me money, that's what I like about the 2nd hand stores. Came home washed everything and got the girls dressed in there new to them clothes and took them to the store to get Gerald, he seen the girls and said Aww mommy took you guys shopping Gerald love the idea that Im thrifty with our money But our shopping trip was not over yet for the night After supper We met my sis and her family for Ice Cream and we meet at the main drag and walked to McDonald's they treated us out for Ice Cream thanks guys It was yummy we had Ice Cream Sundae's enjoyed the time together, then we all walked back to where we met its so funny they are south of the main drag and we are north of it at the same corner. After we got home I said to Gerald we need some things from Wal-Mart as you guys call it Wally World ( Please share with me why lol) I think its cute We had a water park called Wally World than moved to East park even a bigger park now!

Megan heard me tell Gerald that I wanted to go. So Megan asked can I bring my Birthday money and I said ya I guess so I was just hoping to go and get what i needed because it was almost 8 and the girls needed a bath and bed. But I thought ya lets go!

Boy Megan had a great old time looking for herself coming up to me with all her cool outfit that she picked out all mommy approved boy she good! Well I was out I also bought a new swim suit for little missy Maria a 2 piece set It looks so cute on her.

I will take some pics later!

Well its getting late and I have to get up early in the morningHope everyone had a great day!

Sunday, 29 June, 2008

Would you like to go and relax in a peacful place ? You don't even have to leave your home!

I have found a blog that I would love to share with you guys! I find it's so peaceful! I love to visit her blog every day, 1st thing in the morning well everyone is still in bed .
Her Blog is she has a lovely home on a horse farm and on her blog she always post beautiful pics of the horses, flowers, place that she visits and her cute dogs I told her a while ago that I was going to pack my bags and come for a nice relaxing visit ,have my morning tea in her old wicker set and enjoy the lovely views of her farm then go for an afternoon horse ride hehehe If I could! I would!
I just love her blog, I was a farm girl that moved to the city life! Boy that was a big change in my life !
Ones a Farm girl always a farm girl!
Hope every enjoying the weekend!

Tuesday, 24 June, 2008


Well My little baby is a big girl now!
Where has the time go?
The things Megan loves to do is going to the park -having BBQ-being with family-loves reading-swimming-loves to dance--always being cute--loves school- being with her friends-loves home work-spending time with her daddy-
What she hates to do is -Clean up after Jack in the backyard-
Best wishes to Megan on her 7th birthday
WE have the sweetest little girl and Maria has a sweetest older sis!
With love Always mommy,daddy & maria

Sunday, 22 June, 2008

Part 2 whathaveidone on Tuesday

Let's see what did I do? Well that day was a me day Gerald had to work and both girls had school that day! I dropped off Gerald at work and then took the little ladies to their bus stop went home made myself some toast and tea. Then the Me time began, I ran a bath had a nice long bath, washed the dishes and folded a big mountain of laundry then put some of it away then met Gerald for lunch. I made steak wrap for him and chicken for myself mmmmmm very good Gerald love my left -over what ever days. He thinks those days are great and yummy too, He cooks and I make what ever out of them heheheh. Well this was so funny after we ate them he goes to me and say so whats for dessert? I look at him and say would you like a yummy chocolate bar Sure his eye's lite up like a Christmas tree, just like a little kid in a candy store .So I left the lunchroom to get 2 bars It felt weird going to the checkout then walking back to the lunch room. It made me feel like I work there! lol Gerald and I enjoyed our bars all to our selves yummy, it was so good even better I didn't need to share with anyone i got an oh Henry and Gerald had a aero bar, I came home and relax until the girls were done school picked up the girls and Gerald had dinner then we went out for a treat McDonald's Soft Ice cream It was so good let the girls play for a bit in the play room. Then took the little ladies home to bath and bed and we called it a night a few hours later it was time for bed for sure. I had a great me day!

Boy it was nice!

I will share with you the next day was going to be with Gerald and little Maria and that's all Im going to share with you now!

Hope you guys all had a great weekend!

Saturday, 21 June, 2008

What A Great Week I Had Off WorkTo Do What Ever I Wanted!

See my Blog name is great for me lisa-whathaveidone It's me! All I have done was all fun with the family Megan, Maria & Daddy I loved every moment being off and back to work on Monday Yeah!!! Don't miss work -Only my friends - and some of my Co-workers

Monday- Megan's Class had their year end trip to Fanshawe Conservation Area for a Hike using our 5 senses sight ,hear , smell ,taste and touch

Sight- looking at trees and mother Nature (Only with Our eyes)

Hear-Mother Nature

Smell- fresh air , pine trees flower's and weeds (Mother Nature)

Taste- Our yummy lunch ( Had a picnic Lunch)

Touch-Every thing that we were allowed to touch

Then We Went to Pinafore Park for the rest of the day, Splash Pad And Play in the park

When we got to the park Our little Maria was there with her Grandparents (Geralds Mom & Dad)They had a picnic in the park for the day and fun in the sun. So Megan & Maria played together for a bit then they left to go home Well We stayed at the Park It was a long day believe me!!

Boy after all that I was ready for a nap and yes I fell a sleep on the bus like a little kid, It was only like a cat nap for me! We went back to the school. Megan & I left to go get Maria at Geralds parents.Little Maria had a nice long nap when they got home. She was not up long before I got there!

Boy Maria was so happy to see us when we came to the door Hugs & kisses!

It was only 2 hours from the time we seen her - She told us all about her big day with them

She always love to be with them !

I thanked them so much for watching Maria -Oh shes a little sweetie Helen loves Her grandchildren and it shows with the love for her and Megan

Its so funny to see them say good -bye for the day! boy all the Hugs & kisses they get from the girls !

Then I take them home to rest before We have to get daddy at work. I can never just go and pick him up at work. Little Maria love to go inside at FOODLAND and say HI to everyone and give hugs to her favorite friends at FOODLAND. Some days we are there for a while then I start talking to a few of Geralds friends I also have a few favorite peeps there. I like to talk to well Im there!

then We finally leave

We took the girls to the beach for a picnic supper- we had made chicken wraps and Steak wraps It was a very fast picnic at the beach, we got rained out with a big thunderstorm that pop out of no where. It got really dark fast and the rain poured down hard!

We ran to the van fast got the girls in and came back to town. It was so beautiful here just as it was when we left to go to the beach .The weather is so weird here 15mins away and a big difference in the weather,We came home and gave the girls a bath and but them to bed then Gerald and I relaxed the rest of the night away and went to bed. Well I think Im going to end it here. And do my week off in parts for ya But i will share one thing with ya right now before I go Little maria also had a year end trip too It was at Storybook Gardens! What another great day it was, But you will have to wait to hear all about it later!

Hope you guys are having a great weekend!

Thursday, 19 June, 2008

Shaw's Ice Cream And A Cold Dip In The Lake !!!

Last night We took Our little Ladies for Shaw's Ice Cream just outside Port Stanley That was a nice treat for all of us. We normally go to McDonald's for Soft Ice cream (Its Cheaper) hehehe
The bill was Under 13 dollars so it was not that bad! It was sooooo good Black Sweet Cherry mmmmmmmmmmmm in a waffle cone ,then we took the girls to the beach at Port Stanley
The water was so calm No waves that's a big bonus here in Port some days its so rough and flags warn people not to go swimming because of the undertow. So it was great for the kids to play in safe and not to worry about the big waves knocking them over! The girls and I took of our shoes off and walked around in the water. Little Maria wanted to go in, so bad with her sun dress on heheh giggle giggle what do you think I said to her? If you know me Well! My answer was Yes!!!!! Yeah Mommy's so Great! The water was so cold But that never stops Us and Yes We are that crazy to go in Well Gerald's standing on the beach thinking that we were nuts We were having a great old time heheh I was wearing jeans and I was in up to my bum In the cold water Well Maria was swimming and trying to get me even wetter then I was heheheh nice try Maria she was trying to knock me over! As for Megan too she was having a great old time with us also in the water dancing around being cute! (She's Our little Dancer) Still at this point Gerald was lol & thinking I live with a bunch of Crazy girls OH NO ! We just love having fun heheh water goes way back with me lol i will share my story about mud puddles and ducks later with you k

Its a really funny story heheheh Im going to make you guys wait for that post! Well the girls did not want to leave the water or Port It was getting late and the girls are still in school for 4 more days of school But after today Wednesday will be their last day of next week. So we told the girls that We had to leave and we will come back another day and stay longer, I felt so bad the girls were having fun and we had to stop the fun hehehe theres always another day

Well hope you guys have a great day!!!

Wednesday, 18 June, 2008

Im So Happy I Can Recycle When Ever I Want To Now Yeah!!!!!!

Yes It 's true at Wal-Mart in Our home Town We can take our recyclables to Wal-Mart
Little Missy Maria helped me today with putting them in the bins!

Im so happy about this believe me! This is the best thing about going green and now I don't have to wait until recycle day It's every other week, some weeks. It's more then others lol some weeks I have tons of bins to recycle.
Im always thinking green heheheh giggle
Hope you all have a great night!

Tuesday, 17 June, 2008

Cool Idea's For Your Kids This Summer

Would you like some cool Summer Ideas for your little ones to do? To keep busy? Well I been visiting this cool blog for a few days I love her blog

she has 3 little one

She had this great Idea of sharing some Summer Tips & Advice Tuesdays

Well here I go doing the same as her and We all can give each others great Ideas

On her blog she also has other blogger like ME sharing their Idea's also! Hope you enjoy her blog too!

Gerald and I love to keep the girls busy over the summer

Im going to share with you all

Try this and see if they work for you!

*Going to the Library -find books -movies - all free that's A+

*going to a conservation Area -for the whole day have a BBQ Also -Bring your bathing suits

*going to your home town fairs & festivities

*going for a walk you may find out where you end up

*Going to McDonald's for Ice Cream -you can't go wrong there its cheaper

*Going for a drive -You never know where you will end up -Its fun

*Going fishing with the family

*Have a Tea Party with cookie -Get dressed up-Its Fun

* Outdoor fun game with water ,sidewalk chalk ,Blowing bubbles-Dollar store finds

*Play school

*Play hide & seek in the clothes line well the clothes are drying

*fun in the sun -Splash pad

*Always looking in the news Paper for free activities or almost free hehehehehe- Im cheap

*local petting Zoo's

* Going to children Museums

*public swimming

Flower shopping and planting them as a family

*going to all the dollar store in your town - great finds always

*going to all your 2nd hand stores in your town -Great finds Always

*going to the beach for the day and have a BBQ

*going to the park for the day having a BBQ

Best of luck with these great Idea's! Im always here to help!

Sunday, 15 June, 2008

Daddy we love you so much!!!!!! Happy Fathers Day!!!

Daddy We look up to you every moment in our lives you shown us everything that you know from A-Z how to eat an Apple to having fun at a Zoo !

Daddy We love you so much you make mommy and us smile so much!!

you are always there for us to give us hugs and kisses,

I've Been Tagged !! And Im tagging you!

I've been tagged by my blog friend Debi from Who Says 8 Enough !

So here I go !!!

The Rules

Each player answers the questions about themselves. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people and their names then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.
Let the person who tagged you know when you have posted your answers

What was i doing ten years ago?
Well ten years ago was along time ago hehehe
hope i don't bore you to death!
-planing our wedding with both families - Being a farm girl jumping right into a city girl moved to St.Thomas in to a small apartment it sucked so bad! Plus getting married missing my mommy & daddy so much calling them almost every night, long distance. The funny thing is Aylmer to St.Thomas is like a 15minite drive. I was so thankful that a few months later we could call them for free. I found it hard for the 1st few months it felt so weird not living with them and even missed my farm buddies the ducks, cows chickens, tons of cats & kittens, goats, my dads birds rabbits the list will go on, I missed it all you could say so.
Gerald & I bought a dog and her name was Gibbie she was a great dog and a little buddy with my sister little one Dakota they had a sweet little friend ship there !It was so cute (i will sure later about that in a different post) I worked at Kill Bank Screw Machine and Gerald worked at Presstran thu a temp company

boy where did the time go! This Sept.12 We will be married for 10 years

What are five (Non-work) things on my to-do list for today?

* Make Breakfest in bed for Gerald

* go to the store to get everything for our Father's Day BBQ at the Park

*Make a Garden Salad for the BBQ

*Rest and Relaxation at the park heheheheh

* Make sure I eat lots at the BBQ mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Five snacks I enjoy!

*Wine and more wine (everyone was putting their fav. drink so I did hehehe)

*Fruits and veggies ( Weekday food)

*junk food(weekend food)

Things I would do if I were a billionaire

*Pay off my home

* help friends & family

* drinking more wine hehehe would have my own vineyards

Places I lived

London , Ont - 7 m as a baby

Aylmer ,Ont - 21 years

St Thomas , Ont- almost 10 years

Jobs I have had

Spring Gardens Nur.- 2 years

Kill bank Screw Machine - 2 years

AFL- 8 years



Carol - noreasonneed


Sarah- Mommyology

Renee -Life with My Special Ks

Heather- faithful Froggers
OR any one that's stopping by tonight !

Wednesday, 11 June, 2008

What A Peaceful Night I Had!

My evening was well enjoyed believe me; it was great! Went out with my little family, Daddy and the little ladies to Wendy's for dinner. We enjoyed the family time. The girls were on their best behaviour; the ladies eat well and were very happy that daddy was with us. Hehehe. You think they miss him . After we came home I needed some mommy time. Hehehe. So I jumped in to the jet tub ran a nice bath for myself , then I got ready to go to Ruth's for tea. Spent a couple of hours with her. Much need mommy time for the both of us. Together we sat on her patio drinking tea .Yes you can say I'm a tea granny, well Ruth and I were together Gerald took the little ladies to the park to play in the splash pad. Ruth also gave me 2 holly hock plants after our lovely tea. I walked home. It was a very peaceful walk. Hehehehehe. Then a young guy in a blue truck was driving by and almost was crawling by and drooling at me. But hey he was cute I can't deny that. I think its funny that guys are that crazy to do something like that. Boy take a pic it last a lot longer; had a few giggles about it came home and told Gerald hehehehe; all he did was laugh about it! thanks Gerald you are a big help! Giggle, Gerald and the little ladies were having a nice little fire in the fire pit. So guess what i did? I enjoyed the fire with them. Also I started to weed my flower gardens in the back yard. After the girls went to bed It was time for some R & R and fine wine. Relaxing with Gerald by the fire drinking my favorite wine mmmmmm, sat under my thinking trees on our park bench. Just thinking what a great life I have with my little family. I would never change a thing about my life this was my dream and its so true Im living every sec. And Loving it for sure!. My girls are happy and healthy; and for Gerald he's a great hubby and father. He does everything for me cook ,clean wash laundry And drys hehehe, but you will never see him fold clothes. Thanks Gerald Im always so thankful to have you as my hubby and yes Im a spoiled rotten brat, with not a so straight halo. Hehehe love ya hunny so much

with love always!

Lisa the love of your life!

Tuesday, 10 June, 2008

My Gardens My Pride And Joy

My tree that I need to give a hair cut to real bad ( Gerald hates this tree) oh well

My Rose bushes have roses on them they look so beautiful I will have red, pink and yellow roses I will cut some later and put them in a vase for my dinning room table.
My yellow bush has just tiny buds for right now hope they grow soon!
My flower garden needs to be cleaned again have some weeding to do this weekend !
Well hope you all enjoy my pics of my garden !
Have a great night to all!

Sunday, 8 June, 2008

Megan rockin with the Hog Wild Band

Megan loves the Hog Wild band ! Its so funny to watch Megan well she listening to hog Wild I should have taken a video of her. She's so cute rockin on with the boys . Every time the boys play a new song Megan says mommy that songs on the radio I love that song mommy and she starts to rock on with them.
Thanks Megan now I have the Sweet Home Alabama song in my head right NOW hehehehehe
Megan love our kind of music that we love witch is great for us! ( No fighting over it) little Maria is the same way! Thank havens for that!
Well hope you enjoy the pics of our little time away from the Party poopers Gerald & Maria
hehehehehe well we had a great time Didn't We Megan !


100_2036, originally uploaded by lisademars29.

Megan My crazy little model always being cute for the cam !
A little Me Crazy !!!
Well what can I say She is mine!!!!


100_2031, originally uploaded by lisademars29.

She's My Rock Star!!!
She just showing off her stuff


100_2033, originally uploaded by lisademars29.

Megan rock on with the Boys
It would have been cute If she was with chico & friends!


100_2037, originally uploaded by lisademars29.

Megan being real cute well listening to Hog Wild Band

Saturday, 7 June, 2008


100_2026, originally uploaded by lisademars29.

Chico From the Hog Wild Band
This guy is the greatest he's always been there for us
Hugs to you!


100_2024, originally uploaded by lisademars29.

This is Chico's Buddy from Hog Wild I forget his stage name heheheh sorry about that


100_2025, originally uploaded by lisademars29.

Chico from the Hog Wild Band
He is like a father to us
a great close friend of ours

Hog Wild Boys Rule!

Tonight the Hog Wild Band was playing at the St. Ann's Fair In our home Town It's great family fun! But I only went to the fair tonight only to see Hog Wild Band. With little Megan tonight Gerald and little Maria wanted to relax at home together So we left the Party poppers at home hehehe! Well Megan and I had a great time together seeing Chico & gang. They had a great show tonight! We almost stayed to the end we left at 9:30pm Megan and I were ready to go home by then the younger crowd was coming out of the wood work by then and wanted to take little Missy home to bed. It was getting late for her. Chico was really happy to see us. Man you think he missed us! Boy gave us Big hugs and can't forget about the big kisses Heheheheh Im still blushing. He is very close to us we been great friends for years even before we had our little ladies! Chico spoiled little Megan he gave her a whole pack of glow bracelets to share with Maria and gave each of us those Hawaii necklaces and gave us lots of kisses still blushing at this point had a great time tonight. We also went for a fast walk around the fair But not that long Just to say that we did lol

wish I was going to have some fun today Not!

still wishing that was so going to have fun like Jack And Maria did last night well that's not going to happen for me today (Having fun and playing what's that ) I FORGET!

Thursday, 5 June, 2008

Our Bed Rooms Done By Gerald

Our Bed Room just a fast pics of our bed room

Good night all

Sunday, 1 June, 2008

Been Busy Around The House and At Work

Just been to busy to post anything new on my Blog working lots of hours at work doing 10s hope it will be back to reg. this week well that's enough about work .
Lets get to the house bit Geralds been busy with riping up carpets up in our home up stair. We known for a few years that we have the old wooden floors under the carpeting so yes we been really busy around the house. Its been a real dirty long week. I will take pics later when it's all done so you can see what we been up to. I always hated carpets but never wanted to ripe them up untill one day. Now look out its real spring cleaning time in our house.
hope everyone has a great week!