Thursday, 19 June, 2008

Shaw's Ice Cream And A Cold Dip In The Lake !!!

Last night We took Our little Ladies for Shaw's Ice Cream just outside Port Stanley That was a nice treat for all of us. We normally go to McDonald's for Soft Ice cream (Its Cheaper) hehehe
The bill was Under 13 dollars so it was not that bad! It was sooooo good Black Sweet Cherry mmmmmmmmmmmm in a waffle cone ,then we took the girls to the beach at Port Stanley
The water was so calm No waves that's a big bonus here in Port some days its so rough and flags warn people not to go swimming because of the undertow. So it was great for the kids to play in safe and not to worry about the big waves knocking them over! The girls and I took of our shoes off and walked around in the water. Little Maria wanted to go in, so bad with her sun dress on heheh giggle giggle what do you think I said to her? If you know me Well! My answer was Yes!!!!! Yeah Mommy's so Great! The water was so cold But that never stops Us and Yes We are that crazy to go in Well Gerald's standing on the beach thinking that we were nuts We were having a great old time heheh I was wearing jeans and I was in up to my bum In the cold water Well Maria was swimming and trying to get me even wetter then I was heheheh nice try Maria she was trying to knock me over! As for Megan too she was having a great old time with us also in the water dancing around being cute! (She's Our little Dancer) Still at this point Gerald was lol & thinking I live with a bunch of Crazy girls OH NO ! We just love having fun heheh water goes way back with me lol i will share my story about mud puddles and ducks later with you k

Its a really funny story heheheh Im going to make you guys wait for that post! Well the girls did not want to leave the water or Port It was getting late and the girls are still in school for 4 more days of school But after today Wednesday will be their last day of next week. So we told the girls that We had to leave and we will come back another day and stay longer, I felt so bad the girls were having fun and we had to stop the fun hehehe theres always another day

Well hope you guys have a great day!!!

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Carol Van Rooy said...

I had my wood stove stoked and you we're kicking it at the beach?!? ARE YOU NUTS???

I'm happy to admit, I am!!!