Saturday, 21 June, 2008

What A Great Week I Had Off WorkTo Do What Ever I Wanted!

See my Blog name is great for me lisa-whathaveidone It's me! All I have done was all fun with the family Megan, Maria & Daddy I loved every moment being off and back to work on Monday Yeah!!! Don't miss work -Only my friends - and some of my Co-workers

Monday- Megan's Class had their year end trip to Fanshawe Conservation Area for a Hike using our 5 senses sight ,hear , smell ,taste and touch

Sight- looking at trees and mother Nature (Only with Our eyes)

Hear-Mother Nature

Smell- fresh air , pine trees flower's and weeds (Mother Nature)

Taste- Our yummy lunch ( Had a picnic Lunch)

Touch-Every thing that we were allowed to touch

Then We Went to Pinafore Park for the rest of the day, Splash Pad And Play in the park

When we got to the park Our little Maria was there with her Grandparents (Geralds Mom & Dad)They had a picnic in the park for the day and fun in the sun. So Megan & Maria played together for a bit then they left to go home Well We stayed at the Park It was a long day believe me!!

Boy after all that I was ready for a nap and yes I fell a sleep on the bus like a little kid, It was only like a cat nap for me! We went back to the school. Megan & I left to go get Maria at Geralds parents.Little Maria had a nice long nap when they got home. She was not up long before I got there!

Boy Maria was so happy to see us when we came to the door Hugs & kisses!

It was only 2 hours from the time we seen her - She told us all about her big day with them

She always love to be with them !

I thanked them so much for watching Maria -Oh shes a little sweetie Helen loves Her grandchildren and it shows with the love for her and Megan

Its so funny to see them say good -bye for the day! boy all the Hugs & kisses they get from the girls !

Then I take them home to rest before We have to get daddy at work. I can never just go and pick him up at work. Little Maria love to go inside at FOODLAND and say HI to everyone and give hugs to her favorite friends at FOODLAND. Some days we are there for a while then I start talking to a few of Geralds friends I also have a few favorite peeps there. I like to talk to well Im there!

then We finally leave

We took the girls to the beach for a picnic supper- we had made chicken wraps and Steak wraps It was a very fast picnic at the beach, we got rained out with a big thunderstorm that pop out of no where. It got really dark fast and the rain poured down hard!

We ran to the van fast got the girls in and came back to town. It was so beautiful here just as it was when we left to go to the beach .The weather is so weird here 15mins away and a big difference in the weather,We came home and gave the girls a bath and but them to bed then Gerald and I relaxed the rest of the night away and went to bed. Well I think Im going to end it here. And do my week off in parts for ya But i will share one thing with ya right now before I go Little maria also had a year end trip too It was at Storybook Gardens! What another great day it was, But you will have to wait to hear all about it later!

Hope you guys are having a great weekend!


Sonya said...

Sounds like even though you were busy, it was relaxing to just ENJOY!!! Have a great weekend!!!

Take Care!

Lori Skoog said...

Thank you so much for the thoughtful comments about Shenna. Joe is starting to do a little better this afternoon.