Sunday, 22 June, 2008

Part 2 whathaveidone on Tuesday

Let's see what did I do? Well that day was a me day Gerald had to work and both girls had school that day! I dropped off Gerald at work and then took the little ladies to their bus stop went home made myself some toast and tea. Then the Me time began, I ran a bath had a nice long bath, washed the dishes and folded a big mountain of laundry then put some of it away then met Gerald for lunch. I made steak wrap for him and chicken for myself mmmmmm very good Gerald love my left -over what ever days. He thinks those days are great and yummy too, He cooks and I make what ever out of them heheheh. Well this was so funny after we ate them he goes to me and say so whats for dessert? I look at him and say would you like a yummy chocolate bar Sure his eye's lite up like a Christmas tree, just like a little kid in a candy store .So I left the lunchroom to get 2 bars It felt weird going to the checkout then walking back to the lunch room. It made me feel like I work there! lol Gerald and I enjoyed our bars all to our selves yummy, it was so good even better I didn't need to share with anyone i got an oh Henry and Gerald had a aero bar, I came home and relax until the girls were done school picked up the girls and Gerald had dinner then we went out for a treat McDonald's Soft Ice cream It was so good let the girls play for a bit in the play room. Then took the little ladies home to bath and bed and we called it a night a few hours later it was time for bed for sure. I had a great me day!

Boy it was nice!

I will share with you the next day was going to be with Gerald and little Maria and that's all Im going to share with you now!

Hope you guys all had a great weekend!

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