Saturday 24 May 2008

Would You Jump Out Of A Plane To Skydive

Well today my crazy Sister Carol is going up in a plane for her 1st time to jump out of a plane to skydive over Grand Bend over water and Land. I think shes just crazy well she left last night to do it today. I hope she doing well up there in the plane! Hope her jump goes well yes Im missing her crazy act in the air only due to that I already have a very busy day a head of me. lol

Well she and her two friends are doing it together. Shes been taking about this for years .Im glad it her and not me hehehe Carol Im so happy for you but I think the other would have been better running away for abit to work in the circus? Yes My sister is crazy if you would like to check out her blog about her skydiving dream Its

well today is her big day she going to have 2 video done up for her from the ground and the air
Well carol can't wait to hear all about your crazy act in the air hugs to you girl see ya when you get back