Saturday, 24 May, 2008

Would You Jump Out Of A Plane To Skydive

Well today my crazy Sister Carol is going up in a plane for her 1st time to jump out of a plane to skydive over Grand Bend over water and Land. I think shes just crazy well she left last night to do it today. I hope she doing well up there in the plane! Hope her jump goes well yes Im missing her crazy act in the air only due to that I already have a very busy day a head of me. lol

Well she and her two friends are doing it together. Shes been taking about this for years .Im glad it her and not me hehehe Carol Im so happy for you but I think the other would have been better running away for abit to work in the circus? Yes My sister is crazy if you would like to check out her blog about her skydiving dream Its

well today is her big day she going to have 2 video done up for her from the ground and the air
Well carol can't wait to hear all about your crazy act in the air hugs to you girl see ya when you get back

Sunday, 18 May, 2008

Well We Are Back From Our Fishing Trip!

The weather was not the greatest today for our fishing trip. The sky was full of over-cast and cool with lite rain off and on then a big down pour lol! I took the girls in to the building well it was pouring rain well G still fished his little heart out .So you know now Im still white as a ghost on my arms I was so upset! The sun never came out to stay lol even if it did I don't think I would have even taken off my coat or sweater. It was just to cold for me We never do get good weather on our may 24 long weekend. Hope our friend Jeff is having fun camping this weekend Hope he stays dry hehehehe Jeff can't wait to hear about your camping trip! Well lets get back to the fishing anyways We still had a great time even with the down pour watching G get wet hehehehe Im sure glad that there is shelter at the trout pond. We were not the only ones out today there were a few other's also fishing too with their families & friends

Maria did not want to hold the fish at all

Maria enjoying the beautiful weather(Rain). It never stopped her from having fun she was having a good old time

Gerald was having a good time with the fish making the fish sing and dance

Geralds being real silly now playing with the fish head Saying love ya baby!

WOW I know Megan's holding the fish. Its cute because Megan the one that tries not to get dirty

Please Daddy take the fish now! Im done holding it!

After that pic was over she said Mommy can I wash my hands now( See what did I tell you) lol

Aww Maria being real cute in the van after her lunch
This pic was taken from in side of the van I took the girls to the van to get a drink and thought i would take a pic of G lol

this pic Maria ran back to daddy after her drink so I took a pic of both of them I think see was looking at the worms

Here are the 2 fish Gerald caught still good for the BBQ But real small but I know we will enjoy them tonight for supper mmmmmmmmmmmm

HEHEHE Gerald got ya took your pic with out you blocking your face then smiling at me saying you didn't get me HEHEHE lol

The beautiful pond at the trout farm always great family fun even in yucky weather

Megan & Maria on the new step in the pond Little maria tried to get to the last step and got her foot wet hehehe I told Maria not to go down to the last one it was under the water you can not see it in the pic

Not to sure if you can tell I got some Moisture in my cam in a couple of pics
I loved the rocks there are all over around the pond they make good seats when dry hehehe

more rocks would love to take home for my flower garden lol but would be very heavy and wet

Megan having fun with her daddy well fishing!

Megan playing on the steps
*Please note see the last step under water that's the one that Maria got her foot wet*

Megan still having fun on the steps
The girls are enjoying their walk around the pond with me!

Nice view of the pond very peaceful

Maria being a good sport even in yucky weather still having fun!
She's going to have her own fishing show soon she love to fish like her daddy
Another peaceful pic of the pond I love the peaceful things in life!

mmmmmmm the flower's smell so good love the spring flowers

Saturday, 17 May, 2008

The Start Of Our Long Weekend With Rain! YEAH NOT!

Megan being cute but real lazzy well it was raining in the morning
Maria play with her Teddy Bear well it was raining
Megan showing some love to her Bear well she was talking to him
Maria your Bear is almost on his head silly girl!
Aww even Jake our Basset hound is being lazzy with Megan's Bear resting his head on Mr. Bear

Maria acting like she's sleeping Not that does not happen even if she needs a nap in the Afternoon that's Wishful thinking lol
Maria singing for us and to her Bear
Well Megan still taking it easy
The girls had lots of fun well i was cleaning up the house and folding the laundry after i was done folding all the clothes. Our little ladies had put their clothes away in their room I sure hope its put away nice and neat if not they can fix it right HEHEHE most of the time it put away in their dressers right.
Boy they know not to upset mommy HEHEHE I will check the room later to see if they did do a good job .
Well I know Daddy will be happy when he gets home after work I got a lot done well he's been at work the dishes are all done and put away and laundry is folded and put away but for mine right now Im taking a rest for right now having a tea oh and I started to wash our bedding from our bed.
Boy when Gerald at work I sure get a lot done around the house!
I think everyone would have to agree with me on that ?
Do you get a lot done if your hubby gone at work or out some where? Hope to hear from you about my questions
Well anyways hope Our next 2 days will have better weather for us to enjoy and to get out of our house!
Hope everyone has a great weekend !

Wednesday, 14 May, 2008

Going Fishing

This long weekend My little family is going fishing! Its been a long winter for sure this will be the 1st time for this year our girls are so happy about going I too.
Just hope the weather is beautiful with lots of sun so I can start getting a nice tan for the summer hopefully on my arms at least Gerald has 2 days off this year for this weekend it will be nice to spend some time with him. We are going to let the girls bring a DVD (movie) for the car ride its about a hour's drive or so. We are looking forward to it for sure we are going to make a day out of it bring a picnic lunch and treats(A bag of chips ) that never changes with our girls they love chips.
Our little ladies also love to watch daddy fish after they are bored of fishing I will bring my line in and go for a walk with the girls around and watch the fish jump up to catch bugs above the water Well Gerald still fish away.
He gets the most fish most of the time In the past years I have caught a few but some times the fish love to play this game with me and only me I real them in almost out of the water then they have this great idea if trying to pull me in to the water or knocking me over back wards after that they also like to spit out the hook and jump back in to the water I still lol about the good fishing trips that we had over the years with our family it good family fun
Hope to bring the cam to take some pics of our fishing trip
Well hope you all have a great night !

Sunday, 11 May, 2008


Happy Mother's day to everyone! Hope you all have a great mother's day!
I wish the weather was nicer out today. We are having a BBQ today for Gerald Family!
It feels like rain today yuck! But anyways have a great Mother's Day

Friday, 9 May, 2008

:::: fly swatter :::: fun & funny

Our friend Janet sent us a cute e-mail. Its a game hitting flys with a fly swatter. Hope you will enjoy playing it as well as my hubby did ! the game even gives you a score at the end of the game


Lisa Demars

Wednesday, 7 May, 2008

Good Deed

Well today I was on my day off. I received an E-mail about some fish that needed a home. They were not getting along with some of their tankmates. So I said I would give them a new home. They are called Black Skirt Tetras. So I have done a good Deed and saved these little guys from going to the toilet graveyard. The Bruisers seem to like them and are leaving them alone, along with all the other fish. Good thing I don't want new fish to become lunch or supper lol.

Sunday, 4 May, 2008

BBQ With My Family for Mother's Day

My hubby and I had My whole Family over for a BBQ today for Mother's Day.
My parents and my sister Carol and her little family also my brother Gary came over to have a BBQ with our little family. In total there is 11 of us . We had a great BBQ lots of food and treats thanks to my sis carol she always makes great desserts. Also I have to say thank you to Gerald my hubby! He always puts on great BBQs or dinners He's a great cook what can I say love ya so much hunn. The weather was nice but not warm enough to sit outside all day so we had the gathering inside of our home. The children really enjoyed playing the pin ball machine! I should have took some pics of them playing it. But I was enjoying visiting with my whole family maybe i will take pics at a later date when together again . Next weekend we will be with Gerald's Family also having a BBQ for Mother's Day We always try to spend time with both families even if we are a week early or late by a week its all about being with your family!!!
well hope you guys all had a great weekend too ttyl =)