Sunday, 18 May, 2008

Well We Are Back From Our Fishing Trip!

The weather was not the greatest today for our fishing trip. The sky was full of over-cast and cool with lite rain off and on then a big down pour lol! I took the girls in to the building well it was pouring rain well G still fished his little heart out .So you know now Im still white as a ghost on my arms I was so upset! The sun never came out to stay lol even if it did I don't think I would have even taken off my coat or sweater. It was just to cold for me We never do get good weather on our may 24 long weekend. Hope our friend Jeff is having fun camping this weekend Hope he stays dry hehehehe Jeff can't wait to hear about your camping trip! Well lets get back to the fishing anyways We still had a great time even with the down pour watching G get wet hehehehe Im sure glad that there is shelter at the trout pond. We were not the only ones out today there were a few other's also fishing too with their families & friends

Maria did not want to hold the fish at all

Maria enjoying the beautiful weather(Rain). It never stopped her from having fun she was having a good old time

Gerald was having a good time with the fish making the fish sing and dance

Geralds being real silly now playing with the fish head Saying love ya baby!

WOW I know Megan's holding the fish. Its cute because Megan the one that tries not to get dirty

Please Daddy take the fish now! Im done holding it!

After that pic was over she said Mommy can I wash my hands now( See what did I tell you) lol

Aww Maria being real cute in the van after her lunch
This pic was taken from in side of the van I took the girls to the van to get a drink and thought i would take a pic of G lol

this pic Maria ran back to daddy after her drink so I took a pic of both of them I think see was looking at the worms

Here are the 2 fish Gerald caught still good for the BBQ But real small but I know we will enjoy them tonight for supper mmmmmmmmmmmm

HEHEHE Gerald got ya took your pic with out you blocking your face then smiling at me saying you didn't get me HEHEHE lol

The beautiful pond at the trout farm always great family fun even in yucky weather

Megan & Maria on the new step in the pond Little maria tried to get to the last step and got her foot wet hehehe I told Maria not to go down to the last one it was under the water you can not see it in the pic

Not to sure if you can tell I got some Moisture in my cam in a couple of pics
I loved the rocks there are all over around the pond they make good seats when dry hehehe

more rocks would love to take home for my flower garden lol but would be very heavy and wet

Megan having fun with her daddy well fishing!

Megan playing on the steps
*Please note see the last step under water that's the one that Maria got her foot wet*

Megan still having fun on the steps
The girls are enjoying their walk around the pond with me!

Nice view of the pond very peaceful

Maria being a good sport even in yucky weather still having fun!
She's going to have her own fishing show soon she love to fish like her daddy
Another peaceful pic of the pond I love the peaceful things in life!

mmmmmmm the flower's smell so good love the spring flowers


Milk Mama said...

Your daughters are so beautiful, Lisa! :D Looks like they had fun on the fishing trip! ;)

I have to weed through my fuzzy pics to get the clear ones with my cam. But I'm thankful for what I've got. :)

BoufMom9 said...

Looks like a lovely trip (rain & all)
You took some gorgeous photos!
I think the moisture in the camera made for a really neat effect in some of the pics, esp. the one of the girls on the step. That is a fantastic shot!
Also, LOVE the girls walking with the umbrella!

Milk Mama said...

You're welcome Lisa! :D And thank you for the nice compliments!

Well... it's after two AM lol... I think I should hit the hay...

Terri O'Laughlin said...

Glad you had a good time despite the rain!

TONYA said...

Rain or not it looks like you had a fabulous trip.

As Debi said the moisture on the camera made the photos look great :)