Saturday, 17 May, 2008

The Start Of Our Long Weekend With Rain! YEAH NOT!

Megan being cute but real lazzy well it was raining in the morning
Maria play with her Teddy Bear well it was raining
Megan showing some love to her Bear well she was talking to him
Maria your Bear is almost on his head silly girl!
Aww even Jake our Basset hound is being lazzy with Megan's Bear resting his head on Mr. Bear

Maria acting like she's sleeping Not that does not happen even if she needs a nap in the Afternoon that's Wishful thinking lol
Maria singing for us and to her Bear
Well Megan still taking it easy
The girls had lots of fun well i was cleaning up the house and folding the laundry after i was done folding all the clothes. Our little ladies had put their clothes away in their room I sure hope its put away nice and neat if not they can fix it right HEHEHE most of the time it put away in their dressers right.
Boy they know not to upset mommy HEHEHE I will check the room later to see if they did do a good job .
Well I know Daddy will be happy when he gets home after work I got a lot done well he's been at work the dishes are all done and put away and laundry is folded and put away but for mine right now Im taking a rest for right now having a tea oh and I started to wash our bedding from our bed.
Boy when Gerald at work I sure get a lot done around the house!
I think everyone would have to agree with me on that ?
Do you get a lot done if your hubby gone at work or out some where? Hope to hear from you about my questions
Well anyways hope Our next 2 days will have better weather for us to enjoy and to get out of our house!
Hope everyone has a great weekend !

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Milk Mama said...

Thank you Lisa! I love these photos by the way... especially the girls hugging their teddies. ;)

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!