Saturday, 7 June, 2008

Hog Wild Boys Rule!

Tonight the Hog Wild Band was playing at the St. Ann's Fair In our home Town It's great family fun! But I only went to the fair tonight only to see Hog Wild Band. With little Megan tonight Gerald and little Maria wanted to relax at home together So we left the Party poppers at home hehehe! Well Megan and I had a great time together seeing Chico & gang. They had a great show tonight! We almost stayed to the end we left at 9:30pm Megan and I were ready to go home by then the younger crowd was coming out of the wood work by then and wanted to take little Missy home to bed. It was getting late for her. Chico was really happy to see us. Man you think he missed us! Boy gave us Big hugs and can't forget about the big kisses Heheheheh Im still blushing. He is very close to us we been great friends for years even before we had our little ladies! Chico spoiled little Megan he gave her a whole pack of glow bracelets to share with Maria and gave each of us those Hawaii necklaces and gave us lots of kisses still blushing at this point had a great time tonight. We also went for a fast walk around the fair But not that long Just to say that we did lol

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