Monday, 30 June, 2008

What Do Girls love to do? Well It's shopping!!!!!!!!!!

Yes my little ladies & I love to shop until we drop, Well Gerald was at work today .

We went to all the 2nd hand stores in town. We bought a few outfits for our camping trip/ summer clothes, Im thrifty with my money and the girls love everything I bought them thank heavens for that and it always saves me money, that's what I like about the 2nd hand stores. Came home washed everything and got the girls dressed in there new to them clothes and took them to the store to get Gerald, he seen the girls and said Aww mommy took you guys shopping Gerald love the idea that Im thrifty with our money But our shopping trip was not over yet for the night After supper We met my sis and her family for Ice Cream and we meet at the main drag and walked to McDonald's they treated us out for Ice Cream thanks guys It was yummy we had Ice Cream Sundae's enjoyed the time together, then we all walked back to where we met its so funny they are south of the main drag and we are north of it at the same corner. After we got home I said to Gerald we need some things from Wal-Mart as you guys call it Wally World ( Please share with me why lol) I think its cute We had a water park called Wally World than moved to East park even a bigger park now!

Megan heard me tell Gerald that I wanted to go. So Megan asked can I bring my Birthday money and I said ya I guess so I was just hoping to go and get what i needed because it was almost 8 and the girls needed a bath and bed. But I thought ya lets go!

Boy Megan had a great old time looking for herself coming up to me with all her cool outfit that she picked out all mommy approved boy she good! Well I was out I also bought a new swim suit for little missy Maria a 2 piece set It looks so cute on her.

I will take some pics later!

Well its getting late and I have to get up early in the morningHope everyone had a great day!


Carol VR said...

Man, I took Geography at University and I couldn't tell you if I were facing North or South at any given time. I just know mom and dad's is south of St. Thomas and so that has become my directional guide. I know it's pathetic but hey... some people are horizontally challenged. I'm directionally challenged.

Glad you's could make it out for ice cream. You'll have to swing by the intended icecream shop again when they are OPEN.

Have a great night!!!

Terri O'Laughlin said...

Glad you guys had a great shopping trip. I have gotten a ton of clothes for Delaney at second hand stores.

TONYA said...

I'm dying for a day of thrift shopping. I love nothing more than restoring something old that somebody didn't want anymore.