Sunday, 8 June, 2008

Megan rockin with the Hog Wild Band

Megan loves the Hog Wild band ! Its so funny to watch Megan well she listening to hog Wild I should have taken a video of her. She's so cute rockin on with the boys . Every time the boys play a new song Megan says mommy that songs on the radio I love that song mommy and she starts to rock on with them.
Thanks Megan now I have the Sweet Home Alabama song in my head right NOW hehehehehe
Megan love our kind of music that we love witch is great for us! ( No fighting over it) little Maria is the same way! Thank havens for that!
Well hope you enjoy the pics of our little time away from the Party poopers Gerald & Maria
hehehehehe well we had a great time Didn't We Megan !

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