Sunday, 23 March, 2008

Easter Sunday

We started our Easter Sunday at 6:00am for the Sun Rise Mass at our church at 7:00am. Gerald & I let the girls sleep longer. Gerald made tea for us well i got the girls clothes ready also check to see for sure if the Easter Bunny came to our home. Yeah!!!! he came and left lots of stuff for the girls 2 Easter baskets full of treats, activity books ,markers and toys and 2 hand bags that looked like a bunny full of hair accessories , Easter pens and note pads and treats WOW the Easter bunny was good to them HEHEHE He left them on the dinning room table so when the girls got up they would see the gifts Boy the girls were so happy to see everything !! But the girls had to go to church before they opened everything .

So we got the girls ready for mass After mass there was a Easter breakfast for all the families to share and enjoy. We meet my sister and her family at Church sat together for mass and then we all went to the gathering afterwards for breakfast it was muffins fruits verities of breads that you would have with tea and coffee. well enjoyed time with my family and my sisters family too afterwards we got invited to my sisters for tea and treats Thanks carol We all enjoyed the time to be together then came home to get ready to go to my parents for a visit and dinner it was a great visit with them and the dinner was great too !! We had a big ham dinner it was so yummy It was a nice day not to cold on the farm so I took the girls outside to play and get some fresh air too The country air well enjoyed fresh crisp air lol and now we are home and the girls are squeaky clean with their baths they smell mmmmm so clean you can't stop kissing them lol Its almost their bed time after Charlie's Easter the girls love him lol and daddy and I are relax in tonight before I go back to work in the morning

Well hope everyone enjoyed Easter with your families

good night all

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siber said...

Your girls are so cute. They obviously loved their Easter treats. Boy the Easter bunny spent some time at your house. Great bunny treats.