Wednesday, 12 March, 2008

Helpful Hints for your home

Do you like using helpful hint to help you at home ? I do I love reading them in books Mags and News papers will here I go to list a few for ya. If you have any to share with me and other guest please share them with us thanks just put them in the comments

-Defogging the inside windshield
*Use an old windshield wiper blade on the inside of the window.

-Cleanups with old toothbrushes
* Save worn ones to clean blades on double-blade razors. If you brush out the stubble that's caught between the blades, you might be able to get another shave or two out of them

-A tight squeeze
*If tweezers are dull, lightly go over the tips with a nail file, emery board or pumice stone. Tweezers will be good as new.

-Longer -lasting fragrances
*Apply when skin is still warm and slightly damp after bathing.
*Or, soak a cotton ball with the fragrance and tuck it into your bra.

And even have some Fun stuff for ya too
Pushbutton birthday song * Play the "Happy Birthday "song on a Touch-tone phone while on the line with a friend by pushing:

Well enjoy the hints ! Have a great night

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