Monday, 10 March, 2008

Hamburger Again?!

Well I am still here after another day of $1 burger. After doing another 2000lbs of ground beef; I finally reached the last case of burger with great delight, but only for a breif moment to realize I have another 3000lbs of burger arriving tomorrow for yet the rest of the week,(Yeah- NOT). Ironic through with all things when you reach the complation of a task you have a very good feeling and are happy to be done! Until you relize you have more to do of the same task.

Now you would think after grinding all that burger I would hate burger right?! Well wrong I now have a craving for spaghetti and meat loaf, AAGGHHH!

Thank goodness this is only for 3 more days YEAH!

In most cases today is today, and tomorrow is a new day, however with burger sales today is today and tomorrow and tomorrow and so and so on hahahaha.

to all have a good one.


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