Wednesday, 2 April, 2008

The Banana Muffin Babe

Well tonight I am again the Banana Muffin babe just for my Hubby he asked me Can you please make me some muffins? I will love you for ever and ever! . How could I say No to him ? lol
the little Ladies Megan & Maria heard me say yes to Gerald and they both said at the same time can you please? So we can have muffins in our lunch
Boy if that all it takes to keep them happy well then why not lol HEHEHE I love to bake for my family and friends SShhhhhhh Im going to make some Apple Crisp for my Sister and have her over for tea! Lets try to keep that a SShhhhhhhhhh oops its already out Carol Im going to Make some Apple Crisp for you! how can you I hind that from you ?I know you love my yummy apple crisp My mouth is watering just talking about it mmmmmmmmm can't wait to make it for you I will post the recipe after when i do make it Its to die for and it goes fast I was born to bake well the muffins are calling me !! Hope you all have a great night sweet dreams about yummy treats

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siber said...

hey, where's my muffins - you said for family and friends. Can you post the recipe?