Wednesday, 2 April, 2008

Finally Done

My tank if finally done. With the Bamboo Shoots gone the tank was bare. I went out and got 1 piece of driftwood, I liked it so much I went out and got some more driftwood to go along the back of the tank. The cool thing about the wood is that it covers the tubes for the filters, you don't really see any physical apparatus at all. I also receive some extra gravel at no cost; I cleaned it and put it in the tank . The colour of the gravel gives a very nice contrast to the fish colours, however the problem is the gravel is a bit dark kinda of a dark red, so it makes the tank a little to dark to take any pics, the wood also causes the tank to be dark, what a nice look though and a really good contrast. Maybe I will be able to take some pics when it gets dark outside. The fish seem to like the gravel and the wood they are already picking at the gravel and moving it around; they are also swimming in and out of the wood. It would appear that some of them are even playing a type of hide and seek, one hides the other seeks, finds and then kinda pokes the one hiding, just to have the same thing in reverse. Fun to watch. I will keep you posted on how the pics turn out.


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