Thursday, 15 January, 2009

Well Bet You Are Wondering What I been Up To!

Well Today I was in a Photo Shoot, taken By a friend of mine his name is Mike Hodgson the Photo Shoot was great fun! Him taking pics of me from evening grown s to me just in a nice top and Jeans.
Man Mike is a great Photographer he's a professional Photographer he has 25 years of Experience and it sure shows! He has a website htpp://
Stop by his site to enjoy some beautiful photo's from wildlife to weddings and so on .
He's a really great guy, I even had a tea with him and enjoyed my visit with him chatting He makes me feel real comfortable being around him! He's a sweet guy also ( think I'm Blushing now) and really funny and fun to be with even over tea

Well any ways I hope you enjoyed our photo shoot

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