Saturday, 5 April, 2008

Trailer Set Up

Since the nice weather is finally here I had the itch to get my trailer up and air out. However with the trailer sitting on the ground all winter there were divots where the trailer wheels were, so trying to move the trailer out by hand was somewhat difficult. With the help of my sister in law and her husband we were able to move it out and get it set up yaaaaa. I then proceeded to try and come up with some sort of idea to raise my canvas awning without the use of guide lines. Again with the help of by brother in law and sister in law we came up with a brilliant plan. I had already bought some flag pole holders for this plan; we were able to use the pole holders as I had hoped and can now saw the idea with a little help with someone else's brain worked. Amazing what 3-4 brains can accomplish. I am now going to leave you with a few pics of the trailer.


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