Wednesday, 30 April, 2008

New Van

Well we finally did it we went out and purchased a new vehicle. We were starting to have to put to much into the other car. We made a decision to go and get something with a warranty, so we ended up getting a van. 2005 Freestar. Nice van; it even came with a DVD player for the kids, not something I was looking for, but what a great idea for long trips. Also no fighting amongst the kids YAHOO!. So I took a couple of pics. Also the van has a V6 engine, where as the car was a big 8 cylinder, therefore we will use less gas; nice since gas prices are going up and up and up. Also towing the trailer will be much easier, it just learning to back-up with the van instead of the car LOL. Anyway I will leave you with the pics I took.



Carol Van Rooy said...

Beauty... I thought the you settled with the prior sellers on the car and all the work had been done. Are you driving two vehicles now????

BoufMom9 said...

Congrats on the new purchase!
Looks very nice & yeah on it using less gas!!!

Milk Mama said...

Oooh! I really like it! :D My in-laws have one like that and I like to "borrow" it hehehe! :D

Terri O'Laughlin said...

congrats on the new purchase!!

Ok..just ready Boufmom9's response..we really think alike!!