Sunday, 13 March, 2011

Hello Everyone...Boy it's been a long timw since I posted on my blog....Oh dear and where do I start?

Well we still have the Cold old man winter hanging around here In ON Canada....I'm so ready for spring time...We did have some beautiful spring like weather well boy was I so wrong about that...Then the next day old man winter came back...I thought I was going to cry....Believe me I was so upset...This week it look like we are going to have some nice weather...Thankgoodness.....♥ Boy Where has the month's gone..I have no clue....Do You? Well I know it just flew by so fast for me...Mr G Man was gone for 2 week training for wal-mart in Feb..He came home for the weekends...He was on the other side of T.O..The girls and I missed him so much...Both Fridays I took the girls out of school for lunch.....And both days they didn't return to school after lunch........hehehehe They both twisted my arm and said we want to spend the rest of the time with you before I headed to work...........I really enjoyed the time with our sweet little ladies..
But I enjoyed the me time too....Heheheeh seen a few friends for tea dates......Worked lots too...
Even had a real Late night pizza nite........Oh it was fun......But was glad to see our life back to our sweet family sleeping under one roof.......♥

Lets see what else have I (We) been up too.....Well I m 5f4 heheheheeheh I know I'm just way too funny...heheheeheh..Just enjoying the time together...With me on the afternoon Shift and G man on days its so hard to spend lots of time together....I miss out on weeknight suppers and bedtime for the girls....But G man is doing a wonderful job at everything......I'm so thankful.........
So on the weekends its time for us to be all together..........I enjoy every sec of it...Believe me......This week s March Break..So I will get to see the girls more this week......Hope to have a wonderful week with them........

Well its tea time.........Enjoy the rest of the night......... Hugs and kisses.....


Joanne said...

Hey welcome back! I know how you feel about your Hubby being away. My husband works alot of wierd hours and he only gets one weekend off a month. Not alot of couple time. we make the best of it. enjoy your week with the girls. Blessings, Joanne

oren said...

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Rebecca said...

Lisa Girl...How have your been my friend??? I always love it when you stop by to visit with me. Has winter passed now???? Warming up way up there in Canada???

Love to you~


Rebecca said...

Had to come back and see you again...your comment about the year you were born cracked me up!

I'm soooo old! BAH!


couponsforzipcodes said...

Really an amazing pot which very much depicts how is the feeling of missing someone....keep writing...god bless...


Okay, back to my hole, nothing of recent interest here.

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Carmella said...

Hi Lisa,

Hope all is well with you and the family. I'm sure you've been busy look forward to a great post soon I hope.

Take care
Carmella English

Segunda Mão said...

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Rebecca said...

Lisa....where are you and your sweet posts????

Thank you for visiting me!


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